MY Flow Video

Are you ready to take your vinyasa practice to the next level? Do you want to challenge yourself to start flowing from pose to pose – feeling, rather than just doing, the yoga? Then this challenge is for you.

Moonchild Ambassador Nina Jarnum will guide you through beautiful flows. You will be working with your breath, build strength and learn to engage in between poses. This will eventually promote an increased presence in your practice, which is so important in yoga. You stop thinking about the goal and the next pose, and you start being in the moment - feeling your body, feeling the movement. 
Slow Flow is the essence of who Nina is as an ambassador and yoga teacher. The series is what she teaches in her classes back home in the US. Moonchild is giving you FREE access to the intro video and the first 3 classes of the Slow Flow Series. To watch the full 14-days challenge visit Yogastream

1. Introduction video


2. Balance in transitions


3. Hip opening & pelvic floor engagement


4. Contraction/expansion with your breath