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About us

Moonchild Yoga Wear

Moonchild Yoga Wear is a Danish fashion brand founded in 2015. Moonchild’s collections are inspired by the colours and lights of the Scandinavian nature blended with beautiful and feminin minimalism.

The driving force behind the Moonchild Yoga Wear brand is Louise Wang Nielsen. A skilled creative director, Louise’s eye for fashion, love for yoga and passion for the environment has created an international activewear brand.


We are committed to eco-responsibility, and are mindful of every decision we make in the manufacturing process. Creating Moonchild Yoga Wear consists of two main parts (besides cutting and stitching the final product) - making the fabric and the printing process.

Moonchild Yoga Wear is designed in Denmark and made in EU with OEKO-TEX® certified Italian fabrics. During the ceremony for the Sustainability Day, the manufacturer of our fabrics were awarded a special prize for having obtained, for twenty years in a row, the prestigious OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, which testifies that the fabrics produced don’t contain any kind of harmful substances.

In 2013, the manufacturer also invested in a cutting-edge cogeneration plant leading to a significant reduction in power consumption and thus in their environmental impact.

All printing is done locally in Denmark. For the printing process we use only water based dyes without the use of solvents. The amount of dye is greatly reduced in the transfer method we use. Our dyes comply with the requirements of the OEKO-TEX® approval of our final fabric.
Furthermore, cleaning the print nozzles is automated, and our print process generates zero waste water.
Finally the transfer paper we use is 100% organic material and after the sublimation process the transfer paper is recycled.

Love the Earth & Share the Magic!