ELLEfit X Magasin Yoga Events

ELLEfit Yoga Evenings are back! 
Early this year, ELLEfit brought yoga to Magasin's evening hours with an hour of guided yoga in Copenhagen. All types of yoga were practiced throughout the months that these events ran and anyone was welcome to join - whether you had practice yoga for years or if this would be your first class. The classes are guided by the lovely yogis from Yo Studios and are sure to guide you through a wonderful hour.
In honor of celebrating this yoga initiative, Moonchild sponsored mats to the event to ensure that each individual could practice on a beautiful, non-slip mat that was guaranteed to allow them to feel stable and strong in their practice. It was an honor and pleasure being a part of these lovely yoga evenings! 
After high demand and spots filling up immediately to each event, ELLEfit and Magasin have brought the yoga evenings back! Now not only at the Kongens Nytorv location but in Lyngby, Aarhus and Aalborg as well. 
If you want to get a chance to attend one of the events and enjoy some free yoga, then click here for more information and where to get on the list! 

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