Susanne Lidang Ambassador Page

Meet Susanne Lidang, our Danish ambassador!


One of our wonderful Moonchild ambassadors, Susanne Lidang, is one strong, beautiful and utterly amazing woman. Not only does her smile brighten our day, but she is one of our magnificent inspirations. Combining the world of running and yoga has inspired many and continues to inspire every day.

Susanne Lidang is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, author of “Vild med Yoga” (2015) and “Yoga for Runners” (2017). Susanne is a personal yoga teachers and teaches at yoga studios, fitness centers and for private companies. Susanne also hosts workshops, yoga retreats in collaboration with I FORM and hosts mass yoga sessions during yoga events, such as “Vild med Yoga”, which is one of Denmark’s largest yoga events.


What does yoga mean to you?

“For me, yoga is much more than a way of training. It's a kind of breathing room, a needed break in the day, a way of living. Yoga, other than being the physical training that is best for my body, gives a sense of presence and quality. Both in the way that I breathe and the way I move and navigate in my life. Yoga has a way of “bringing myself home” – a way of coming into the body and mind, allowing me to feel connected and grounded. Yoga fills me with a feeling of freedom, happiness, (self)love, (self)acceptance and makes me hold on to my inner playful child – it makes me feel even more alive! Simply put, yoga makes me a better version of myself.”


What makes you happy?

“It makes me happy to be a yoga guide – to pass on yoga and experience the development, my students undergo when they begin to practice yoga regularly. To see them happy, “relieved” and connected, makes me incredibly happy and thankful.

It makes me happy to wake up in the morning and be my own boss. Four years ago, I chose to say farewell to my comfortable and “safe” life as a teacher and go all in on the “un-safe” path of yoga. I have never once regretted this decision! – I love the life that I have created! That yoga can be my lifestyle and path is a gift, that I am grateful for every single day.

To be together with loving people with good energy makes me happy. Having a nice cup of coffee, while watching the skies outside my kitchen window makes me happy. There is so much to be happy and thankful for. It is all about the mind. Don’t let your mind prevent you from having fun... Life is a gift. “


What is your favorite yoga to practice?

“Hatha yoga – which I also teach. In all its beautiful variations. Hatha with a twist of flow and playing, that is what I teach and what I personally prefer. Yin yoga is also great – it complements Hatha really well. “


What do you love about Moonchild Yoga Wear?

“Moonchild yoga wear is first and foremost fantastic to have on. They are simply put, comfortable. I don’t even feel that I am wearing them and this is important, considering I have them on all day, every day. As well, they are able to standout in comparison to others that can be found. There is something poetically cool about it. A subtle twist of something dreamy, fabulous and legendary. Often, it is kind of rock-star like – which I adore! 

Besides this, it is just beautiful."



You can follow Susanne Lidang and be inspired every day by following her on Instagram with the handle @susannelidang and read more about everything she does on her website