The Moonchild Journal

What is Athleisure?
Athleisure was once again a major topic within the trendy lifestyle of 2018 and it will only grow and continue to do so during 2019. Which is something that we are incredible excited about at Moonchild!  Athleisure is the trend of wearing...
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Living the Yoga Life
Living the Yoga Life: Everyday Hacks Beyond Yamas and Niyamas with Anastasia Shevchenko It’s quite popular these days to discuss how one can practice yoga off the mat. That’s great - because more people realize that yoga is not just...
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6 Yoga Books We Love
We love a good book. Especially a book that allows us to delve further into our practice whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. Today we are blessed with extensive knowledge and information about all things in life, through the...
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