How to make the most of your home practice

How to make the most of your home practice

It can be hard sometimes to make it to the studio and you can get stressed just thinking about how you are gonna make it into practice this week with all the other things you have to do. 

Thankfully, yoga practice is so convenient since you at this point can make your practice at any time, at any point. But often while talking with people from the yoga community, everyone always prefers the practice in the studios. It makes it easier for us to relax and to get the most of our practice. 

But how can you then make the most of your home practice when you do not have the time to go to the studio? 

Planning - Setting a time when you are gonna practice not only makes it easier for you to know when you are supposed to practice and shows up but it also makes your mind prepared to go into relaxation and not get distracted during these hours. 

LocationWhen it is your time to jump into practice, it is so important to think about the location, to make sure you are in a quiet room, where you can be undisturbed as well as creating a cozy and relaxing space bu maybe using aromatherapy or intense. 

This is such an important thing for our mind to be able to fully let go and relax during your practice because that is one of the reasons why it works so good to practice in a studio. It is your relaxing space, a calm space so your mind already knows that it is supposed to relax when you go there. But practicing at home can be hard since you are used to being busy and always have things to do in your home which can make it hard for your mind to focus on your practice and not everything going on in the house. 

Flow - It can be amazing to go with the flow on your yoga mat during your home practice and make your body move the way that feels right but we often find it easier and better to follow a flow. This way you stop your mind from wonder and just being in the present while following the flow. There are so many ways to find great flows to follow online as Youtube, or you might want to try out the Moonchild flow vides? Go check them out here! 

Set intentions - Setting intentions and a purpose for the practice is the ultimate thing if you want to get the most out of your practice. Connect with your body and feel what it needs today, is your purpose to gain more energy through a firey flow? Or have you been way too stressed lately and need today's practice to slow down and find your inner peace. Whatever you need today, make sure you set your intentions with your practice to make the most of it. 

Do you ever practice at home? What are your best tips for making the most out of your home practice? 

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Have a beautiful day filled with magic, 

much love

Team Moonchild 

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