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Moonchild Yoga Mat Strap - Leather


Moonchild introduces the all new leather yoga mat strap - handmade in Denmark to last you a lifetime. This leather strap adjusts to cinch around many different size mats and is easy to throw over your shoulder for when you need to travel with your yoga mat.

Leather plays a big part in the minimalistic heritage of Danish design and it will patina and get more and more beautiful over time, just as each of us when we are exposed to the elements.

The perfect companion for your yoga mat or as a special gift to the one you love.

Stay wild - Moonchild!

  • Moonchild and Peace logo 
  • Hands free yoga mat carrier 
  • Comfy, durable, ­fits all mats 
  • Easy closure gravity cinch 
  • Simply loop it around the mat & let gravity do the work 
  • Innovative gravity loops will fit around any size mat without any slip
  • Handmade with love in Denmark

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