Pernille Skall Ambassador Page

Meet Pernille Skall, our Denmark ambassador!
One of our wonderful Moonchild ambassadors, Pernille, has taken Aalborg by storm with her incredible studio PS Studio. Pernille is a truly kind hearted soul who focuses on the health and happiness of others, but also remembers herself. Pernille is a coach, a body therapist, personal trainer, nutrition therapist, yoga and meditation teacher and so much more.
Pernille focuses on the whole person. How it is all connected. The mind, the body and the soul. All of it coming together in alignment through each breath that we take.
For more about Pernille and her PS Studio empire that she has created then check out her website, or follow her on instagram @pernilleskall. 
What does yoga mean to you?
“I love yoga and I love the feeling yoga gives me, along with the feeling that I have in my body when I practice yoga. I become one with myself and I feel myself – both the good and the bad. Yoga, for me, means to unit and become one. For me, it means uniting mind, body and soul. My breath in sync with my movements, leads to a flow and for me, the breath is the bridge between body, mind and soul.
I can at times become to wrapped up in my head, especially during fast paced times. In those times I love planning, to-do lists, efficiency and production. But if I am in my head for to long, then my body begins to hurt because I have lost the connection to it. My nervous system  finds a wonderful sense of balance when I, though yoga, find that wonderful balance. For me, yoga is then also a sense of treatment. I goes deeper than such stretches and wellbeing. For me it is especially designed for people with illness, injuries, stress or if you just want to feel even better.”
What makes you happy?
“I have a degree in positive psychology, so I lay a lot of weight in what makes other people happy and therefore also myself. Research shows that 50% of our happiness is genetically determined, 10% is based on coincidence and 40% is determined by the way you live your life – so here you have influence on what makes you happy. I am therefore, a great supporter of you as a human, being proud and happy that you have the power to create a happy life for yourself. For me, it’s about setting goals within the areas that have important elements for a happy and satisfied life. In that way I am proactive and can therefore act instead of react to what is happening now and that gives me power, optimism and belief in life and myself and that makes me happy.
My self-esteem wheel is based on these:
Physical health
Emotional and mental health
Social health
Work health
Relationship health
Economic health
Spiritual health
10 tips for a happy and healthy life:
I eat and drink responsibly, preferably organic
I move and exercise every day
I make sure to get a good night’s sleep, seeing that it is important for my mood
I make sure to have Pernille time and daily meditations
I always have focus on my mindset and try to release any worries
I make sure to have 2 yearly cleanses/detoxes where I cleanse mentally and physically
I try to drop the mask and be my authentic self
Spend time with my friends and family and have wonderful experiences
Breath deep into my belly
Have a positive attitude towards myself and others”
What is your favorite yoga to practice?
“As you may be able to see on my Instagram, then I really love flowyoga. I love, as mentioned, to feel the effect yoga has when I work with my breath in my movements. But thre is one really good reason I especially love different yogaflows.
When I practice yoga (both when it is self practice or in a class) I focus greatly on flow, being in the movement and not holding positions for long and use my breath dynamically. This way I make sure to get my blood circulation going. Good blood circulation helps with water-retention, fatigue, soreness, varicose veins and much more.
I also really like Yin Yoga and feel inspired by this quiet practice in my own practice, but I work mostly with flow. Personally, a little daily yoga helps to prevent water-retention, helps my digestion, loosen back fatigue and joint paint. Most importantly then I feel amazing after yoga and that makes me so happy.
I would like to say though, that flowyoga is not in any way the only right or the only yoga I like. Not at all, I follow my intuition. 
What do you love about Moonchild Yoga Wear?
“I love Moonchild Yoga Wear because:
It is beautiful
It is incredibly comfortable to wear (free of too many seams)
The colors match together and I can use it all to mix and match, so I feel like I have a lot of different sets.
Beautiful gentle colors
I use it for both yoga and training
Beautiful legs and butt – ha ha
I just love it.”
You can follow Pernille Skall and be inspired every day by following her on Instagram with the handle @pernilleskall and read more about everything she does on her website