Anastasia Shevchenko Ambassador Page

Meet Anastasia Schevchenko, our German ambassador!
One of our wonderful ambassadors, Anastasia, has quite the yoga history. She was born in Ukraine, grew up in Canada and currently lives and taches yoga in Berlin. Anastasia started practicing yoga when she was 15 after she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Yoga has taught Anastasia how to transform her body and work with spine-related issues, which she has dealt with personally.
This is not all that Anastasia has accomplished when it comes to healing her body. After beign a terrible accident which left her with a broken and paralyzed arm, Anastasia successfully rehabilitated her arm with yoga.
Anastasia has grown from all of her experiences with yoga and they have clearly has a major impact on her way of living, especially in understanding the power of our bodies and their ability to heal. In later years, Anastasia received her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate but has dedicated her practice to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. You can read much more about Anastasia and her yoga journey on her website,
What does yoga mean to you?
Yoga to me is a system of various tools towards self-awareness, self-healing, self-transformation, and ultimately, one of the many ways in which consciousness evolves on this planet. I'm so lucky, happy and grateful to be on the yoga path, and to share it with others via my teachings and the Berlin Yoga Conference.”
What makes you happy?
What makes me happy these days are small things: a smile of my children, a sun in the sky, making somebody feel a little happier with a small act of kindness. After turning 30, with two kids, and now a major project such as the Berlin Yoga Conference, I'm aware more than ever that life is composed of small moments and little details. No matter how exciting and empowering the "big" projects are, life is what happens in-between. This realization also makes me truly happy :-)”
What is your favorite yoga to practice?
Yoga is about the union of the body with the mind, resulting in the awareness of the soul. Any yoga practice is beautiful and perfect, I don't propagate any one specific yoga tradition over other. My respect towards various traditional and modern yoga practices culminates in the creation of the Berlin Yoga Conference. Personally, I mostly practice in the Ashtanga Method and teach a combo of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, but I take various classes from different yoga methods and teachers all the time, for inspiration and new insight.”
What do you love about Moonchild Yoga Wear?
“What I love about the wear is the beauty and simplicity of its designs and the symbolism of the moon. I also very much connect to the story of the founder behind the company, Louise Wang Nielsen. She is also a yogi, as well as the mother of two and an entrepreneur. This combo of yoga and the practical application of the lessons learned through the practice is what I really respect and relate to.”
You can follow Anastasia and be inspired every day by following her on Instagram with the handle @anasheyoga and read more about everything she does on her website