Christine Bonde Ambassador Page

Meet Christine Bonde, our Copenhagen ambassador!
One of our wonderful Moonchild ambassadors, Christine, is living her life by doing what she can to base everything she does on nutrition, pleasure and curiosity. As said in her own words, “I love food. To make it, eat it, experience it, discover it, study it, photograph it, share it”. Christine has created not only a delicious cookbook filled with all sorts of delicious vegan treats, but one that is beautifully done. You will be sucked into the pages through her beautiful food photography. It’s an art really.
When Christine isn’t cooking up a storm in the kitchen, she is on her yoga mat. For all things Strala we highly recommend reading Christine’s perspective on Strala Yoga, what is it and how it plays an important role, not only on the mat but in her life.
You can follow and read more about Christine, her food and yoga practice on her website
What does yoga mean to you?
It’s a life-long practice that enables me to deeply connect with myself so I can connect with others.”
What makes you happy?
Hugging, laughing, eating (and serving) good food, being creative and moving my body.”
What is your favorite yoga to practice?
Strala yoga ❤️ Everything about it resonates with me on every possible level. I use it on and off the mat all the time every single day.”
What do you love about Moonchild Yoga Wear?
“I love that it’s eco friendly and founded in Denmark by sweet and inspiring Louise, whom I deeply admire for following her dreams. I also love that it’s inspired by Scandinavian nature because that is actually really exotic in its own unique way. And the name “Moonchild” really speaks to me because I love astrology and especially the power of the moon.”
You can follow Christine Bonde and be inspired every day by following her on Instagram with the handle @christinebonde and read more about everything she does on her website