Andrea Sauter Ambassador Page

Meet Andrea Sauter, our German Ambassador!
The stunning Andrea is truly an inspiration through her story and her stunning photos. Andrea is a certified KatonahYoga teacher. She believes in the Universe’s intelligence, as she shares on her Instagram @yogamand. Andrea started practicing yoga at the age of 40 and started mostly for the physical benefits of a yoga practice. It has since then grown into something so much more than just about the physical. Which is what eventually lead her to perusing her teacher certification in order to pass on this passionate, peaceful and warm feeling to those who so desire.
You can read more about Andrea and her story on her website


What does yoga mean to you? 
The practice is my anchor, my sacred space, the sphere I can travel, discover, refine and tune my instrument which is my body.
What makes you happy?
The sea and the warmth, gardening, to laugh and to love. Watching my favourite TV shows, cuddling on the couch with a hot tea and of course moving in general and my yoga practice.
What is your favorite yoga to practice?
I started with a flowing yoga style but only after two years of teaching this I found Katonah Yoga, a Hatha yoga style founded by my dear teacher Nevine Michaan.
What do you love about Moonchild Yoga Wear?
I love the quality of the fabric, the delicate and very tasteful prints and colours. What I like the most is how aware and kind the people are behind all that. I am truly honored to be an ambassador.
You can follow Andrea Sauter and be inspired every day by following her on Instagram with the handle @yogamand and read more about everything she does on her website