Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief

Stress is something that affects many of us in many different ways throughout our lifetime. While it seems that it is both becoming more common and more of an intense issues for individuals, it also comes with more debate. This is something to be grateful for, because with discussion and debate comes the opportunity to share our individual experience and tips for how we can deal with stress. 

There are many different elements of stress and many different things that can effect us, furthermore, there are also many different ways of handling the challenges. With that, something that works for one individual may not work for another - the key is finding out what works for you! 

Many in this community and maybe in your own network believe in the power of yoga and meditation when it comes to managing stress and taking care of ourselves. This is also something we have discussed previously here on the Moonchild Journal. You can read more about our thoughts on meditation in our "Why Should You Try Meditation" post!

While this is a very big topic, not everything can be covered at once, which is why we will continue to share our tips and tricks, but also what we hear from others in our community, including yourselves. 

Today, we wanted to link to one of our ambassadors blog posts for that focuses on letting go and finding calm. Leah has a brillant perspective and shares her thoughts beautifully. She also shares 4 yoga poses for managing stress to help you implement some physical stress relief into your day! 

You can read Leah M. Ward's post here: "Let it Go! Let it Go! Use these 4 Yoga Poses to Help You Let Sh*t Go"  


Do you have a favourite stress management tip you would like to pass on? We would love to hear your thoughts! Share them with us in the comments section below! :) 


Sending lots of calm, de-stressing vibes to you today!

Much love, Team Moonchild


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