Yoga for Heart

Yoga for Heart

This upcoming Friday is International Yoga Day! A day where the world collects together to celebrate our minds, bodies and souls through our individual yoga practices. The theme of this years International Yoga Day is "Yoga for Heart". 

There are lots of ways to celebrate International Yoga Day. Some choose to look within and take it as a day to appreciate and enjoys ones own practice, while others look to it as a day for connecting and embracing yoga with others. Whether you enjoy this celebratory day in solidarity or in the presence of others, it is a day to appreciate the joy and calm yoga has brought so many people over the past 5000 years. 

There are many ways to celebrate this Friday, some include:

☼ immersing yourself into nature and practicing outdoors

☼ bring a friend to a yoga class with you and share the incredible feeling of what yoga can do

☼ take the time to meditate - whether it be 5 or 50 minutes

☼ journal/make a list of all the reasons you practice yoga and what it does for you

☼ connect with your friends and community by going to Instagram to share your favourite yoga pose or maybe your story of how you started your yoga journey 

No matter how you celebrate or enjoy International Yoga Day - remember that this is a day to embrace and appreciate your yoga journey. No matter if you just started this journey, maybe your journey starts this Friday, or if your journey has been long with all sorts of ups and downs. 

Sending lots of good yoga vibes to you today and especially on Friday! 

Feel free to share your Moonchild Moments during International Yoga Day :) 


Much love, Team Moonchild




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