Women for Women International Update

Women for Women International Update

We have just received an update from our sisters at Women for Women International and we thought we would share with you, some of the work that they have been doing and what they have been learning.

If you don't know, each year we sponsor two beautiful sisters, and this year it is Francine and Mwavita, through the Women for Women International Organization. Through the program they become equipped with the skills to support their family, transform their life and take charge of their future. This is not a short term support but a holistic and sustainable approach to empower women survivors of war to rebuild their lives. You can read much more about the incredible work Women for Women International do on their website, https://www.womenforwomen.org.uk/

The last few months, Francine and Mwavita have been participating in health and wellness classes. During this time they have been learning methods of prevention and treatment of key health issues, so that they are able to keep themselves and their families healthy. 

There are three main focus points for these classes and that includes health as a human right, coping with post-traumatic stress disorder and protecting yourself and your family.

With regards to health being seen as a human right is a crucial starting point for women who live in areas with poor nutrition and preventable diseases. With this, they will learn to identify symptoms and provide basic treatment, while also gaining an understanding of sanitation, disease prevention and good nutrition. 

Furthermore, they will be provided with tools for how to recognise stress and how to manage the symptoms of any violence, emotional suffering and loss that they may have experienced. Potentially also be able to help those around them that may be experiencing something similar. 

In addition to all of these wonderful and important skills, they are also learning about how to protect themselves and their family from communicable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual reproductive health, mental health and environmental health. 

All of this is vital and important for the development and health of these women. As Women for Women International share, "When a woman is healthy, she can focus on learning new skills, earning an income, and building social networks as she moves forward in our programme - and she can become a vital asset to those around her". 

We love all the incredible work Women for Women International do and we wanted to share some of the vital lessons and tools these women are learning! 

Sending lots of love and good energy to you today!

Much love, Team Moonchild


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