Women for Women International Response in Ukraine

Women for Women International Response in Ukraine

You are very well aware of our commitment to support and empower women and how we work together with Women for Women International to do so. But today we wanted to call attention to Women for Women Internationals response in Ukraine. 

According to Women for Women International when war and insecurity take hold, women bear the heaviest burden of violence, poverty and inequality. Of the 82.4 million people currently displaced from their homes, 80% are women and children. Gender norms restrict women’s access to education and economic resources, exclude them from decision-making, and expose them to many forms of violence and abuse. Women are the targets of systematic rape and sexual violence, which is used as a weapon to terrorise and destroy communities.

Women for Women International has partnered with their sister organisations in the US and Germany, where they are raising $150,000 to meet the overlooked needs of women affected by the war in Ukraine, who are now exposed to extreme violence, abuse, and the risk of human trafficking.

Through their Conflict Respond Fund grants, Women for Women International are able to meet crises in real-time—just like what is happening in Ukraine, identify credible partners on the ground, and allocate resources to women survivors, no matter what side of a conflict they are on.




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