Women for Women - Matched Giving Campaign

Women for Women - Matched Giving Campaign

As you know, Moonchild Yoga Wear proudly supports Women for Women International, a charity which helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo amongst many others.

Women for Women just launched an important campaign to raise money to help what was named as "the world's most neglected conflict" in 2017. Specifically, Women for Women are raising money for the women of South Kivu in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The situation in DRC is getting worse. As elections approach in December, new waves of violence are erupting in the Kivu region. Killing is indiscriminate and mass rape is routinely used as a weapon to destroy communities. Yet it is also a place where Brita, Women for Women's Executive Director, felt the power of sisterhood more strongly than anywhere else. Despite the gruelling poverty and constant fear of violence, energy, life and hope abound.

Yesterday, Women for Women launched their annual Matched Giving Campaign. This means every donation they receive between Wednesday 21st November and midnight on Wednesday 28 November, will be matched pound for pound by a group of generous donors. How incredible is that?!

We feel that the importance of this cause and this wonderful donation campaign needed to be shared with you. Moonchild will be donating part of sales from our Sustainable Black Friday and you can support this cause too!

Your support would help Women for Women to double their impact for women and their families in countries affected by conflictIf you would like to make a donation then simply CLICK HERE to donate. 

Thank you so much,

Louise Wang Nielsen

Founder of Moonchild Yoga Wear

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