Venus in Retrograde 2018

Venus in Retrograde 2018

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Can you feel the shift coming?

On Friday October 5th , Venus will begin her 40 day journey in retrograde. Venus, the graceful planet of love and beauty, is feminine. Which means this is the time to look within yourself and place some extra focus and appreciation into your feminine traits. We all have them, whether we are women or men. Making this the perfect time to connect with yourself and especially with your inner feminine power!
During this retrograde movement, it is the time to return to beauty. Return to beauty by seeing it within ourselves, in those in our lives and in everything around us. Return to beauty through the act of appreciation. Appreciation for each of these perspectives of your life.
Appreciate the beauty in you.
Appreciate the beauty in those you love and in those you may clash with.
Appreciate the beauty around you, in nature, in your work and in the food you prepare.
For the first half of this 40 day retrograde journey, Venus will be squaring with Mars. What this means is that for the first two days, you may feel some unease and tension, potentially in your own journey to return to love. While Venus is the plant of love and beauty, Mar is the plant of aggression, which is how this tension will be felt. But, stick with it, because love conquers all and the most important place to start is within yourself.

Here are three things you should do more of during this period:

Love your body. Love your body through self-love and self-care. Self-love in the sense of appreciating everything about you, whether it be physical or mental. We have a tendency to be very hard on ourselves. Let that go and work towards a more positive and loving mindset for yourself. Self-care in the simple acts of a cup of tea on a cool day, a bubble bath, a facemask or reading your favorite book. Or have a dance party. Do whatever will put a smile on your face and bring you positive energy from within yourself.
Choose intuition over logic. Now is the time to trust yourself. Trust that your intuition, that gut feeling means something. Let go of that logistic mindset and free yourself of it’s chains. Though it is great to be logical and safe, sometimes it is good for us to let go and embrace the freedom. Now is the time to do so.
Appreciate your life. Appreciate your life but appreciating nature, your body, your mind, your loved ones, your friends, your collogues, your morning routine, your favorite cup of tea. Whatever may be in your life, appreciate it. Even if there are bad moments, try to find something that you can appreciate – maybe you learned something, maybe it made you stronger. Most importantly, seeing as it is Venus in retrograde, make sure to appreciate your inner beauty.
Love and light.

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