Vacation Postcard from Team Moonchild

Vacation Postcard from Team Moonchild
The Summer vacation is finally here and the entire Team Moonchild would like to wish you all a wonderful summer with these postcards from our vacations. Enjoy! 

Summer holiday ’21 is finally here 🌞 summer holiday with my family is filled with chill time and traditions. We go to Skagen every summer and do almost the same things every year. See friends, long walks on the beach, evening swims, eat at the same restaurants.


This summer I am going to wear all my favourite summer dresses. I will make sure to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine. I will allow myself to eat all my favourite cakes in the sun and go for a long walk and holding hands with my boyfriend will forever be a favorite to me. Presence, fresh air and a good conversation”.

Ohhh Summer...  I´ll be where the Sky and the Ocean melts together to become one, and where the light is all blurry because the temperature is too high. Having sandy feet, a messy salty hair and a huge smile on my face by the end of the day, while watching the sunset into the Ocean”.


I love the smell of my clean bedding in the sun and the beautiful shadows and peace in the beach cottage. The last peonies in my flower garden but my absolute favourite. I will spend the summer with long walks on the beach with our 7 months old Australian Shepherd”.

The summer is a very special time for me as I go back to Sweden to catch up with my family and childhood friends which I haven't seen in a long time. It is a time filled with love, laugh and tons of nostalgia going back to my childhood home. My summer will be spent on the beach, reading tons of good books and going for evening swims together with my lovely mom. 

How are you spending your vacation this year?

 Wishing you all a lovely summer 

/Love and light from Louise and the rest of team Moonchild

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