The Moonchild Summer Tribe

The Moonchild Summer Tribe
As the Autumn season rolls in we want to do a little throwback to the incredible Summer Tribe Collaboration that we had the pleasure of hosting this past Summer! 
Stunning, powerful and lovely women from all around the world have joined in and became a part of our Summer Tribe! All about diversity and self-love, we wanted to share a little look at some of the incredible women who participated and embraced their inner Moonchild. Why not get a little taste of Summer as it slowly comes to an end, as we move into a cooler season.


The later it gets during the day, the more active I am. I am definitely a night person. 
Yoga is important in my life, because I learn to be patient and looking after my body.
I'm greateful to be a MOONCHILD. 


"Daily asana practice and meditation are my best tools to re-energize or calm down as needed, to be able to be in the present moment and overcome any challenge that arises in my professional and personal life. Other than yoga, I enjoy all ocean-related activities, in particular scuba diving. I am currently doing a yoga teacher training in Anusara hatha yoga. My goal as a yoga teacher is to bring yoga into workplaces, schools, ... everywhere! so people is happier with their lives and less susceptible to stress, anxiety and burnout."

@anna_cr @bhaktiyoga_project

Anne Tode

“Anxiety is dizziness of freedom. You have to embrace it.”


“There is something so wonderfully awe inspiring about the sea. It captivates me and grounds me in the present moment, just like my yoga practise. Nature is our greatest yoga space and we need to look after it.”


"When I move whether it’s Yin, Pilates, Vinyasa or a run in nature I feel completely present and at peace. ✨"


"With all my heart I am really thankful that I have the chance to cooperate with amazing people in Moon child Yoga wear. It is really important for me to support an European brand with eco friendly production. Those leggings are very beautiful and comfortable I could wear them all day long. The print remains me the sky and liberty and the moons pattern make it even more magical 💚"


 'Get out of your head and into your heart. Think less. Feel more' - Osho

@janneschmidtzenwitzen || photo credit: @maltedi

"I love the yogi lifestyle to meditate on or off the mat. I love to make people smile and make them feel better. Like a ripples in a water... just spread to smile... I wish to inspire to Feel better. Be better and to never give up"


"My name is Julie and I love to share my passion for yoga with my students to rise their positive vibes."


"Hi, my name ist Kathrin, I'm 33 years old and based in Nuremberg, Germany. I have come to yoga 8 years ago after giving up coaching for a triathlon after many injuries. At first I wasn't sure if yoga was a good alternative, but after a short time I went to the yoga studio 5 times a week. After many hours of Vinyasa and Jivamukti Yoga I finally arrived at Yin Yoga and fell totally in love with that kind of practise. Here I get everything I need. Sometimes it's just the very quiet sounds that resonate loudly in you. <3"


" Omnia tempus accipit ! "

* Everything takes is time !! *

"Please, don't let your dreams die... Don't stop doing what you love...

People will always judge you, so just be what you want to be. Do what you love to do.

Just... BE YOU !!!"


Mette Rexen


"In the end, yoga is all about people. Bringing them together and making them happy"




"I have always felt very connected to nature (I studied biology because of it), but these days it has not been like that, because I have been feeling sad because all these bad things going on on the Earth... So I decide to wear my new new elements leggings, come to my mat into my studio, and practice heart-openers. It was truly healer. Heart-openers are for me one of the best ways to rebalance anahata chakra, and I had to do it during these days, so now I'm back with more energy than ever to keep fighting for everything I love in this world"


"I am a disabled yogi (although you might not necessarily be able to tell unless I'm doing standing poses as it's my legs that are mainly affected, I always have to manoeuver my legs with my arms when seated) and my full yoga practice has helped me immeasurably. I used to do contortion before I became ill and I'm slowly but surely gaining my flexibility and strength back."


"Yoga is great to check in on yourself both your body and physical state, but also your mind. How are we feeling today, here on the mat? What sensations are you feeling through your body? Are you sore? Steady? Unsteady? Having a busy mind or zen all the way? The yoga mat is a space to be mindful in a busy everyday life. That's why we practice." 


"How do we stay authentic? For me is taking an extra look at what I write and put out there, where am I right now? Some days I m very simple and font really have much to say and some I have a little to much to say...  And sometimes I write something, go back and look at it and decided to post or not through Ahimsa, is this me being angry and reacting or do I have something important to share and if I share this will it hurt someone💗 always a progress and always learning 🌻"


"Yoga for me means finding a way to the true self through the practice coming back again and again trying a little harder each time to make each pose more beautiful to find more stability and stillness. For me it is a practice that encompasses everything not just time spent on the mat in Asana, pranayama or meditation but how I interact with the world 🌍"


"Stay grounded, connect with your roots and keep growing 💫"


"Kindness, listening, patience, respect, non-judgment are qualities that we should be able to practice towards ourselves and towards others"


“Can you perceive without thought?” one of my favorite quotes from my most recent YTT. I use it during my morning practice and (especially) in my daily life where thoughts tend to run at a high-speed. It’s a great reminder to turn off the intellectual mind and thoughts; so you can experience life through your senses and become completely present."


“Just keep learning, keep changing and keep growing and promise me that you will never retire”



  • Hemaxi

    Wow! So beautiful and positive vibes!
    All yogis around the world are enjoying beauty of yoga with you!
    I wish I will be a part of this tribe.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  • Birte

    Your brand is so personal and individual! Thank you for enriching our yoga practice with your designs!

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