This Month in Astrology - October 2019

This Month in Astrology - October 2019

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Being aware of the astrological happenings can be crucial to be able to understand your behaviour throughout the month. There can be days where we can be extra tired, frustrated or have days where nothing works and we can't understanding why. But if we understand what is going on in the universe, the moon and its cycle we can have an understanding for why we feel the way we do. 

This month is all about the connection with our true selves and finding the inner balance between our conscious and subconscious, finding the balance between our strengths and flaws. 

October 8 - Venus enters the Scorpion sign 

This is a very emotional period that can cause jealousy and dramatic scenes. But it is also a time for passion and is filled with possibilities of establishing a relationship. 

October 13 - Full moon in Aries 

Full moons are the time to let go of the things that do not serve you anymore. But full moon that is in Aries is a personal one. It focuses on letting go of the things that keeps you back from being the best version of yourself. It inspires you to go after what you truly want and to reinvent yourself. 

October 23 - The sun enters Scorpio 

It is time for you to accept your flaws and imperfection. It is time for you to understand that these are the one that makes you unique and who you are. Remember that it is only at night, in the darkest time we can see the stars shining! 

October 27 - New moon in Scorpio 

With the new moon in Scorpio it is the perfect time for you to manifest the things you want in life. With this month's focus on connecting with our true selves, it is time to manifest the things that empowers you and become the best version of yourself. 

October 31 - Mercury retrogradation begins in Scorpio

Watch out, this time can involve conflicts and more specifically manipulation and mistrust within you closest social circle. 


We hope you enjoy following us on the Moonchild Journal and get inspired to explore these topics further yourself. Before we go we will close of this post with the inspirational quote for October:

"The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go."

Sending you lots of positive energy!

Louise, Camille & Team Moonchild

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