This Month in Astrology - July 03/07

This Month in Astrology - July 03/07
It's time to welcome a new month!

At the beginning of each month we love to check out the Astrological Calendar and of course the Moon Calendar too! This gives a great overview and understanding of what is happening in our universe the next 28-31 days. This is beneficial both for reflecting on the fact that there is so much happening out there in the universe everyday, but also to help us understand the highs and lows and everything in between.

For the start of July we are celebrating the sun sign Cancer, the Loyal sun sign. Then from the 23 of July, we shift to the sun sign Leo, the exuberant sun sign.

Below you will find the Astrology Calendar for July, and then highlight some of the relevant happenings this month!
As our source expresses, there are some shifts with regards to family, love and communication. These shifts are something you may feel as you go about your day to day, use this as a guidance for managing situations. 
There is a lot happening these two early days in July, with regards to family, emotions and love. Something to be mindful of. 
July 8th is about looking within and understadning and respecting your own self worth!
Love! You may feel a shift in how love plays a part in your life.
New Moon, new beginnings! 
That was a little sum up of what is happen on the Astrological calendar this July! Use it to reflect on your day and maybe it can help guide you in situations where you may be unsure as to how to progress. Maybe it can help you understand why you feel a difference or shift in a specific area of your life!
Thank you for checking into the Moonchild Journal! 
Sending strong and stable vibes to you this July month!
Much love, Team Moonchild 

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