The ultimate staycation guide

The ultimate staycation guide

There have been many of us who has decided to stay at home this summer which is an amazing thing considering the government's guidelines, saving money, and never less for the environment. Here is the ultimate guide on things you can do to create a memorable staycation this summer where we stay local! 

L O C A T I O N 

First of all, you will want to consider where you are going to stay. There are different options suited for different people, considering what you prefer and what you want to get out of your vacation. 

Staycation at a hotel 

How many times have you been staying at a local hotel, being on a real vacation in your hometown? This is the perfect thing to do for those who are seeking a real vacation feeling and want the ultimate comfort. 

Hiking with a tent 

For the more adventurous person who wants activities on their staycation, the perfect thing would be to go hiking in the forest or a nice location and stay in a tent during the staycation. Getting closer to nature and connecting with our roots.



Food and nice dinners bring people together and that is why this creates so many memories on our vacation - when we come together with loved once for a nice dinner. 

Hotel breakfast

Is there anyone who doesn't love a nice hotel breakfast? Even if you do not decide on staying a night at a hotel it could be a great thing to take your family to a hotel and eat a nice breakfast there that everyone can enjoy. 

Enjoy your local bakery 

Is there anything that tastes as good as local? Go and support your local bakery and why not even go there and get yourself a nice breakfast with newly baked bread?

Go to the restaurants you never went to

This staycation is the perfect time to take your time to try out all the restaurants in your hometown that you never usually had the time to try out. We often get stuck in the same routine - ordering from the same places that are our favorites but is now time for you to get out and try new restaurants and who knows, maybe you will even find a new favorite? 

Take a cooking class with your family 

Why not make something fun out of cooking together and take your entire family on a cooking class together? It will definitely be a memory that will never be forgotten!

A C T I V I T I E S 

Games night 

Playing games with your friends and family brings everyone together and lets everyone have a great time. So grab all your board games and start creating long-lasting memories 

Movie night 

Why not prepare the ultimate movie night - gathering everyone's favorite snacks everything from popcorn and candy to the perfect sodas and have the movie marathon all night long. 

Visit your local museum 

When was the last time you visited the museum in your hometown? Take a day to discover the museums that your local town has to offer! 

Be a tourist in your hometown 

This is the perfect moment to discover all the touristy places in your town - see your city with new eyes and through the lens of a tourist. Go and do the touristy things that you wouldn't do in your hometown and discover new things that you did not already know! 

Discover the towns nearby 

When we are focused on our routines and everyday life we often forget about the things that are simple and surrounding us, all the beautiful places and towns that are so close to us but that we never end up going to. Take this time to discover the areas nearby, the beaches or nature, or the different cities surrounding your home town. 

There are so many things that are so simple that you can do in your hometown, but that we usually forget about. Take this summer to remember all these small things you can do that create beautiful moments and memories. 

And lastly, remember that it is not about what you do - but who you do it with, make sure to take your time and spend time with loved once that gives you great energy. 

much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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