Christmas Time the Season of Hygge

Christmas Time the Season of Hygge

We are going into the holiday spirit, an enjoyable time for many of us, that is filled with light and magic. This is the time where we want to invite you further into the roots of Moonchild and dig deep into the danish soul. Let us talk about the danish world Hygge and what it all really is about? Because the high season of Hygge is Christmas time, as the danish winter is long and dark we use Hygge as our weapon to bring more light and magic into our lives. 

Even though this holiday season will look very different for many of us, we need to try to be present and see the magic that is all around us. We just have to make the best out of it this season, by bringing some more Hygge into our lives. 

What is Hygge? 

Hygge is a Danish word and concept which means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. It is all about creating a cozy feeling. In practice, Hygge can mean anything from lighting candles to watching a good Christmas movie with some of your favorite people. 

How can I bring Hygge into my Life this Holiday Season? 

There are so many ways to practice Hygge - but in practice what it really means is to enjoy all the small things in life, which is a beautiful practice. Often Hygge is referred to as something we do together with loved ones, but Hygge is also possible to experience by yourself. As this holiday season is special to many others, we invite you not only to experience Hygge with loved ones but especially make it a sacred practice by yourself. It is possible to enjoy Hygge alone this holiday and spending more time with yourself this holiday can be seen as a very beautiful reminder and practice of self-love. 

Here are some examples of how you can practice Hygge on your own or together with others this holiday season:  

  • Enjoy a good book and light some candles this holiday season. 
  • Drink hot cocoa or your favorite cup of tea on a rainy or maybe even snowy day. 
  • Cuddle up in your favorite sweatpants or Christmas sweater. 
  • Curle up by the fireplace. 
  • Is there any better season to spend time in the kitchen baking? Make yourself some homemade sweets. 
  • Write a list of things you are grateful for. 
  • Let a loved one know what they truly mean to you. 

How can we get the most out of this season? 

This holiday season is all about being present in the moment and creating cozy memories. We need to let go of the idea that this holiday season needs to be something special or perfect, and let it be for what it is. This holiday season will look different for many of us and that is okay. We just need to make the best out of it. The ideas we create in our minds of what this holiday needs to be or could have been will just bring you stress and anxiety. So try to let go of that idea in your mind of what this holiday season needs to be and enjoy it for what it truly is. 

Allow this holiday season to be a time where you put the phone away and stop checking social media. Because your phone stops you from being in the present moment fully. 

This is your time to enjoy all the small things in life. Everything from the first cup of tea of the day or go for a long walk in nature to watching a Christmas movie with the kids. This is truly the time of hygge - this is your time to be present and create a cozy atmosphere this holiday season! 

What are your plans for this Holiday season?

much love, 

Team Moonchild

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