The New Upcycling brand - How KELKK Upcycle leftover material

The New Upcycling brand - How KELKK Upcycle leftover material

The newly started Danish company KELKK, that was launched last month, is created by a group of friends and family members who saw an opportunity to create an up-cycling business model. Taking left over textiles/material to create cool, high quality, handmade and timeless caps that people can wear year after year. We got the chance to meet Katrina, one of the people behind the company to talk more about being an entrepreneur, sustainability, and how yoga has helped her on the journey as an entrepreneur. Make sure to follow KELKK on their inspiring journey on Instagram here and their website here

Katrina, who has a background as a fashion designer explains how KELKK was something a group of friends and family members got together to do in the spare time as something fun while at the same time doing something good for the world. All of them have different knowledge and expertise and have KELKK as something on the side and as a good karma business. 

How was the idea of KELKK born?

I work for a Danish company that designs and produces high quality design textiles, so that is my daily work. We have had the thought of up-cyclingfor a long time, so we tried to figure out how we could make the most out of the end-of-life textilesamples. So we were happy to discover that it is possible to make caps out of it - nearly using the full sample with very litle leftovers. We are constantly looking in to the opportunity to design and produce other upcycled products. We are hoping for KELKK to become a brand of several upcycled products with a long life span.

Since the caps are made from fabric samples, they can never know what samples they will be getting or how much. This means that they have low stocks. The low quantity makes the caps very unique.  

Up-cycling can be a very expensive process, what is your motivation behind it? 

We are responsible for using or re-using the resources available, while creating fashionable caps. Caps are not something that changes seasons by season or goes out of style like other fashion products, but it´s something you can wear year after year. When product lifetime is high, production is sustainable and products are not categorized as fast fashion, costumers are more likely to be mindful about what they buy.

How do you think that we as consumers can become more mindful? 

I think it is the willingness to wait for what you really want. There are some Danish companies where I know you get your products two months after you order it. I usually do that myself, think about it overnight instead of just go ahead and buy it - which is a great way to think it through and be mindful in the consumption. I also try to buy better quality, more natural, and sustainable fibres that I know will last. 

Where do you think the change within the industry will come from? Is it up to the industry and company or the consumer to be the change? 

I definitely think both - I think a lot of consumers are ready for the change and I think the industry is getting there. I think the change is happening right now, and I believe that it has been going on for a while. Before it used to be a small group of people who started to become more mindful in their consumption, but today, everyone starts to become more mindful. 

How has yoga helped you on this journey?

It has helped me a lot on this journey! Yoga is my go-to place to clear my mind and to make sure that there is room for work, family, and myself. I love to practice Bikram yoga.  

Get to know KELKK better and give them some love & support here!

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