Moonchilds Roots - Art in Aarhus

Moonchilds Roots - Art in Aarhus

A couple of weekends ago when Moonchild turned five years, we welcomed you to the Moonchild office and meet many of you lovely people and got to celebrate together. But since Moonchild is a global community with people all over the world. We thought it would be a great idea to invite all of you around the world to the roots of Moonchild. 

Let us go back to the roots of Moonchild Yoga Wear, where it all once started now five years ago and where Moonchild headquarter still till this day is placed: in the lovely city Aarhus, in Denmark. We would like to show you the surroundings of where Moonchild was born and inspire you with the beautiful city of Aarhus. So let us guide you through the city Aarhus and all the beautiful places there is to see here. It is finally time for us to invite you to the home of Moonchild and let you discover Moonchild´s roots. 


Where did Moonchild Start?

Moonchild was founded by Louise Wang Nielsen (Founder and Creative Director of Moonchild Yoga Wear) in 2015 in her home in Aarhus, Denmark where she lives with her husband and two little boys. Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark after Copenhagen and is located on the east coast of Jutland. As the city was founded in the early Viking age, Aarhus is one of the oldest cities in Denmark and have many places to discover and things to do in this city. 


Discover ARoS

When you come to Aarhus, going to ARoS is a must. ARoS is the art museum in Aarhus and is also one of the biggest art museums in northern Europe. It is recognized for its rainbow panorama on the top of the building, with a view of all of Aarhus. If you ever decide to go to Aarhus, make sure to pass by ARoS and take a look at the magical building with the rainbow panorama. Take a look at the architecture inside and enjoy a nice coffee break at the coffee place inside. Or why not go all in and discover the different art exhibitions and finish it at the rooftop restaurant and the rainbow panorama? 

Enjoy the Infinity Bridge 

We move on a couple of kilometers south of Aarhus center to Varna Strand where the infinity bridge is. This is not just a bridge where you can go for a swim during the summers but it is also an incredible art piece that was made by the architectures Niels Povlsgaard and Johan Gjødes. Make sure that you walk around on the infinity and enjoy the seaside that beautiful Aarhus also offers. 


The Place Filled with Opportunities - Godsbanen

Discover the cultural place of Aarhus that is filled with opportunities. At Godsbanen you can really find everything you need from open workshops, theatre stages dance halls and so much more. You can also take the time to try out their cafe and restaurant. Walk around in the surroundings and find an interesting environment filled with street art that can not only inspire you but also make a big impression on you. 


Moesgaard Museum

We cannot leave you without another museum that is positioned a bit outside of Aarhus in Højbjerg. Let us discover the Moesgaard Museum that is dedicated to archaeology and ethnography. Just start off by seeing the incredible architecture of this museum. The museum is built on a hill and the roof is filled with grass. 

Bazar Vest

Our journey through Aarhus and the roots of Moonchild has come almost come to an end. But first let us explore different cultures, spices, and all different types of food at the Bazar Vest shopping center in Aarhus. It is a wonderful place to visit to really see a big range of exotic foods and a big assortment of fresh veggies. This is food heaven for all the gourmet or for everyone who just enjoys looking around. An inspiring places that we cannot miss out on! 

Even though Moonchild is a global brand, it is nice to dig into the roots of the brand and really see where it all started. It has been an inspiring journey to take you through the wonderful places in Aarhus and we hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we did. And who knows, maybe one day you will discover Aarhus all on your own? 

much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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