The lessons we take with us from our Vacay to our Everyday life

The lessons we take with us from our Vacay to our Everyday life

Another month has almost past by and we are leaving the MY Vacay behind and jumping into another month. But before we do so, we need to take a moment and reflect on this past month and the time we are leaving behind. To reflect on the moments we had and what lessons this month have been teaching us. A month where we have been focusing on relaxing, being abundant in the present moment, and creating memories together with our loved once. 

Thinking back at the month we now are leaving behind, this feels like it has been a very important month for all of us. It feels like it has been important for us to take a step back and relax and land within ourselves and gain back the energy that we lost this spring. It has been a month where we have allowed ourselves to take our power back and control our lives and got the rest we all needed. This summer will probably always be remembered in our life as a very different summer from many other, but it is important that we also see the beauty that these difficulties have given us and the world, and the lessons and the way people all over the world have started to become more abundant, travel less and just be in the present moment and see the beauty right where we are and that we are not always in control of everything. 

This summer and never less the spring has been teaching us so many new lessons, both on an individual level but also as a community. So take your time to reflect on what this past month has given you, what have you learned and what lessons are the universe trying to teach you? Sit down for a moment and write down a couple of things that feel relevant to you. Here are some lessons that we have gained during MY Vacay vibes, the month of June, and will take with us into our everyday life. 

Your vacation does not last forever

It is so easy to get caught up thinking about our next holiday, the upcoming vacation or the weekend. But a vacation is just a short period. That is why we value to focus on having an everyday life that brings you joy and happiness. Look over your life and think about if the things in your everyday life make you happy - does your work bring you joy and do you look forward to coming back into your routines again? If not then maybe it is time for you to look over your life and see what changes you can make. Because our vacation does not last forever, and we cannot live all or life just longing for the next holiday. 

Exercise: Ask yourself and journal on: What things in my everyday life do not give me joy? What things in my life am I able to control and change in order for me to feel better?

Nothing is worth our mental health 

Now that we have been relaxing and having time to take a step back, it becomes even more clear how important our mental health is. We have the right to feel good and be in a good state of mind. Not only do we become happier as people, become better people, also take better decisions when we are in a good state. Something we all want you to have with you into your everyday life is that NOTHING is worth your mental health. If something you do cost your mental health then it does not work it anymore. No matter if it is a workplace, a person, or something else that you have in your life. Get rid of the things that cost your mental health, even if it is your inner self-criticism it is time to give it up then and it is then about time to become your best friend!

Exercise:  Ask yourself and journal on: Is there anything in my life that always cost me my mental health? What things in my life can I give up to feel good and be in a good state of mind?

Happiness starts right here, right now

The past is long gone, and the future is an illusion in our head. We all already know this but we want to remind everyone again. Because when we go back into our routines and everyday life, it is so easy to forget that happiness is right in front of you. Happiness is when we come back to the present moment are enjoying it to the fullest. So try your best to always keep this in mind and use the affirmation “Happiness is always available for me, I move into the present moment and create abundance” whenever you need to remind yourself and come back to the moment.

Exercise: Try to remind yourself as often as you can in your everyday life to stay abundant. Use the affirmation  “Happiness is always available for me, I move into the present moment and create abundance” to remind you and to move you into a state of abundance. 

We hope that you really take this time to reflect on your personal lessons this month has brought you and we truly hope that you are excited about the upcoming month. What has been your biggest lessons from this month or the spring that you will take with you into your everyday life? Share it with us in the comments below! 

much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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