Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice. The midsummer celebration. A celebration of energy, light and warmth. Exploring the spiritual significance, setting intensions and celebrating. This past week we have been counting down to this glorious day by focusing on different elements of the Summer Solstice that are worth embracing. We’ve focused on three focal elements that can be incorporated into your daily life, specifically energy, light and warmth.
The Summer Solstice is Thursday, June 21, the day of the longest light of the year in the northern hemisphere when the Sun ingresses tropically into Cancer. Venus is exactly opposite Mars, drawing the male and female principles of life together in tension. Passions run high, and love is in the air. The Moon forms an edgy square to both Mercury and Pluto. We could use these challenging aspects to confront issues through potentially difficult discussions. Mark this special day of the year with your own ritual.
With the Summer Solstice we have an opportunity to harness the energy, light and warmth given to us by the power of the Sun. Opposed to the Winter Solstice, the Summer Solstice feeds our lives and souls with a special kind of empowering energy that should be appreciated. The same goes for the light. Today is the longest day of the year. Meaning we get just a little bit extra sunshine than we got yesterday, but from today on the days will slowly become shorter and shorter. Embrace the light and rise with the Sun. Warmth. There is something magnificent and comforting when it comes to the feeling of warm sunshine on our skin. Take a moment today and as much as possible to step outside, feel the Sun on your skin and soak it all up. Let it fuel you.  
The Summer Solstice is celebrated in many different ways by many different cultures. Some embrace it as a celebration of life and for some it has a deeper spiritual significance. Nevertheless it is a day worth celebrating. It is worth celebrating the wonder of the energy, light and warmth of the Sun. Celebrating the midsummer, the longest day of the year. Celebrating what the power of the Sun does for our beautiful Earth and for our beautiful souls and bodies. Take a moment for yourself today to meditate on the matter. Take a deep inhale and soak it all in and exhale out all the worry, stress and toxic energy that may be filling your body. Fill yourself with the good and release all of the bad.  

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