SS19 Summer Solstice Inspiration

SS19 Summer Solstice Inspiration

Spring is just around the corner and we are more than ready for longer, warmer and more sunshine filled days! 

This past Sunday we launched the 1st part of our SS19 Summer Solstice collection! A brand new, colorful collection of beautiful seamless Moonchild styles that are sure to brighten up your day and practice. These new seasonal colors are a mix of warm, vibrant and earthy tones.

Today we want to highlight the newest seamless styles that are a must-have in your wardrobe - whether it be for yoga, pilates, barre, running or as athleisure. 



The dandelion flower symbolises courage, pride, communication and connection, and it also symbolises the sun. Some even believe that dandelions have natural healing capabilities due to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The Dandelion seamless set was inspired by the beauty that the Sun brings to this Earth with its warm and light. This beautiful color can be paired with other colors such as Onyx Black, Marsala or Aura Blue

Let the Dandelion color brighten up your day with a powerful pop of color! 


The Brittney seamless legging and tops were inspired by the beautiful Brittany Blue Color. Brittany Blue represents a powerful, charismatic and majestic individual. Surrounding yourself with Brittany Blue allows for a reminder to be grateful and peaceful in your day to day life. 

The Brittney seamless is an incredible full set, but can be paired beautifully with other colors such as Marsala, Dandelion, and of course Onyx Black. With Brittney you can bring a splash of color into your practice in a very subtle and elegant way. 


Marsala. This beautiful, burnt, earthy color is beautiful on anyone! This color is designed for a comfortable and secure look while still being sophisticated. It's natural look is eye catching but in a subtle and not overwhelming way. So, if you are looking for a sophisticated, elegant and earthy look then Marsala is definitely the color for you. 

Marsala looks incredible on everyone and we are so excited to see it on Moonchildren around the world! Same as the other colors, Marsala is beautiful as a set, but can also be paired with lots of different colors for beautiful, fun and elegant looks! Marsala is perfectly paired with Dandelion, Britteny, Onyx Black and Rose Dust

As always, when it comes to Moonchild, mix and match and play around with different colors, and between our seamless and printed styles for beautiful and unique looks for your practice. 


Explore the entire new collection HERE

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