Snuggle up for Christmas

Snuggle up for Christmas

The holiday season and December brings so much light and joy. You can almost feel the magic in the air, the joy and gratitude in people’s eyes and the streets decorated with magical glitter that lights up the world. 

It is still important to remember that even though we see the holiday season as a joyful time, the holidays can still mean a hectic and stressful season for many of us. We are therefor you to slow it down a bit, to enjoy yourself and enjoy this magical time. Take a step back with a cup of tea and enjoy a good book. Take some time in front of a Christmas movie with some gingerbread because darling, you deserve it! 

Moonchild's recipe for snuggling up for Christmas:  

  • Listen to your heart and body, if it tells you to slow down. Then listen! Go away from the family for a 3-minute meditation whenever it is needed.   
  • It just comes once a year so remind yourself to be in the present moment, snuggle up with a cup of tea in a cozy outfit and enjoy the small moments. 


  • There is no such thing as too many Christmas movies. Whenever you get some spare time, watch a movie! You can never get too much! 
  • Less is more. Don’t put too much pressure on gifts, decorations, and food. Sometimes less is more. Take a step back and be calm. The best gifts and food are the ones made with love - and remember that it doesn't need to be perfect. 

Our wish for you is that your heart will be filled with gratitude and joy. That your troubles will melt away like snow. And that you take the magical light within you and share it with the world. You are magical!

Much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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