Rituals to recharge your energy this vacation

Rituals to recharge your energy this vacation

Vacation is not only the time for activities, to spend time with our loved once and discover new places. It is also a time for us to stop for a second, to reflect and recharge our energy for the fall we have ahead of us. We find it important to not only take our vacation to discover new places and fill it with different activities, but also to give yourself the needed time to recharge and rest. One way of doing that is by giving yourself the time for your yoga and meditation practice, but also by reflecting and creating rituals. Here are 3 rituals that you can do this summer to recharge your energy and give yourself the needed power for this upcoming fall. 

Letting Go Ritual

To find peace in life and to recharge our energy this summer, it is important to let go of the negative energies we have been caring around. This is a perfect ritual to do to let go of everything that is dragging you down and to let go of the negative energy the world has been filled with this spring. 

  • Start by writing down a list of everything that is on your mind, everything that is worrying you, your sorrows, and everything that you have a hard time letting go of. Thoughts that just do not seem to want to leave your mind. 
  • Write down the names of people who have been on your mind, who have hurt you in certain situations. 
  • And write down things and situations that are hurting you, that you cannot control. 
  • Take your time to think of and reflect upon how these things and thoughts impact your life and how they control your life. 
  • Lastly, write down an affirmation for letting go and say it out loud. "I let go and stop carrying off things that no longer are serving me. I let go of unnecessary burdens that no longer is in my control. I let go of the things that bring my energy and my brightness down. I let go and create space for something better. I let go and welcome higher energies and let my light shine bright. "
  • When you are done reflecting, burn the paper to symbolize that you are letting go of these things - that they are now non- existing. If you do not want to burn it down you can do it in other ways as ripping the paper into pieces or flushing it down the toilet. 

Renewing Bath Ritual

We are all aware of the power nature has with its healing power. We, therefore, invite you to this ritual where you get to ground yourself by connecting to the magical nature. 

  • Start by going on a meditative walk in nature, open all your senses by listening to the sounds in nature, the birds singing, smell the different flowers and use your eyes to see the beauty in nature. 
  • When you are on your walk, connecting with nature. Pick some of your favorite flowers on the way. Pick flowers that you feel connected to. Use your intuition here to understand what flowers you need and what flowers have something to tell you. 
  • Now, when you are home from your meditative walk it is time to create the renewing bath. Make yourself a warm bath. Use Himalayan salt in the bath to cleanse yourself from negative energies. Then take herbs and flowers from your walk and that you might have at home to create a beautiful bath. Lastly, put in some essential oils of your choice in the bath focused on what you need in your life. If you need balance, you might want to use lavender and if you need more energy you might go with something like peppermint or lemon. 
  • Now enjoy your bath and use this time to reflect on your life - may be set new affirmations or intentions for this summer and reflect on the time that has been passing by. 

Digital Detox

The summer is all about being in the present moment and enjoy it to its fullest. But it can be hard when we have push notifications on constantly and millions of things that we need to check on our phones. That is why this is one of the most important rituals if you would like to recharge your energy this summer. Turn your phone off and enjoy your time with your family to the fullest instead. 

How to do it: 

There are a million ways you can do a digital detox, but here are some ideas to get started with your digital detox this summer: 

  • Turn off your push notifications
  • Have phone time - set a time on the day where you are allowed to be on social media and check your phone. ex 09 pm - 10 pm 
  • Have flight mode on so you can still take pictures and capture the beautiful summer memories through your camera. 
  • Delete the apps you use the most as Instagram and Pinterest so that you are not able to use them. Then after a couple of weeks, you can just redownload it and start using it again 
  • Do a 24-hour digital detox where you just turn off your phone completely and not use it at all

There are so many different ways you can do a digital detox and not use your phone as much this summer - do the thing that feels the most suited for you and that you think would work best for you! 

We hope you are enjoying your vacation and the summertime to its fullest, 

much love, 

Team Moonchild

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