Our sister's programme - Module III

Our sister's programme - Module III


With your support, our sponsored sisters Francine and Mwavita are moving into the third stage of their training. We would like to tell you about what our sisters and their classmates are learning now at the Women for Women International education program.

Know your rights.

We believe that in order to reach her full potential, a woman must know her rights and understand the laws that are in place to protect her. As they attend classes, your sisters are learning about their rights as a mother, a spouse, a property owner and a citizen, and learning how to exercise those rights to protect herself and her family, and strengthen her community.

Your voice counts in your home.

In communities where traditional gender roles are often very oppressive to women, we strive to help women understand that, under the law, they are equal and deserve equal opportunities – both in the household as well as in the wider community. By the end of this part of the training, Francine and Mwavita will have confidence that they are worthy of contributing to the decision-making process at home, including financial decisions, which are traditionally handled by only the men in the family.

Knowing her rights can stop wrongs.

Women also learn, often for the first time, that they are entitled to be protected by national law even when it conflicts with a community's norms. Francine and Mwavita will learn about laws that protect them against violence and discrimination. They will develop a practical understanding of property ownership and inheritance of assets, and will understand laws and customs in marriage, divorce and child custody so they can stand up for themselves.

In their third module, Francine and Mwavita have learned:

  • about their rights to vote, own land, and have custody of their children;
  • that they are equal to the men in their family and community;
  • about national laws that protect them from violence and discrimination.

Understanding their rights gives women greater control over their futures and a say in critical decisions that affect them and their children – which can have a transformative impact.

Thank you as always for supporting Moonchild and thereby helping us support women around the world. Your choice to support us and Francine and Mwavita's training is enabling them to create powerful and lasting community change.

Warmest Regards,

Louise & Team Moonchild

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