November Giving Back

November Giving Back

Time is flying fast, and we are welcoming November, a new month, and a new time. We hope that November will be the moment where you surrender and find peace and accept the unknown. May this month bring the positive energy and blessings that you have been waiting for, for such a long time. 

The new month is here, and this month we will be focusing on giving back! 

Take What You Have and Do What You Can

Giving back is such a big topic that can mean so many different things. From big too small. We can do big things as giving back to mother earth through charity or by implementing more plant-based into our diet. But we cannot forget about all the small things that we can do to give back, because it is often the small things in our life that bring the most magic. Give back through smiling to the people you meet on the street, invite your friend who is struggling to a cup of coffee, or just truly let your friend know that you are there for him/her. 

We often feel like we need to do big things to give back. But delete that thought for a second - rethink that thought and ask yourself "what actions can I take today to give back to the world, the people around me, and to myself?". Take what you have and do what you can. Such a simple thing as giving yourself more self-love today can have a huge effect on how you meet other people for the rest of the day. 

How to Give Back to the Earth 

First of all, let us discover and dig deeper into how we can give back to mother earth who is very vulnerable and broken. 

  • Implementing more plant-based food - We all know what an effect our diet has on the climate. We are not saying that you need to go full-on plant-based, but see how you can give back more to mother earth through your diet. 
  • Conscious Black Friday - November is also the month of Black Friday, a day filled with consumption. Give back to the Earth by reading our upcoming Black Friday Guide on how you can consume more consciously on Black Friday this year! 
  • Change the small habits - Take a look at the small habits in your everyday life and see where you can make a change. Do you take the plastic bags in stores? Do you use reusable cotton pads that you just wash? It is important to remember that none of us is perfect, but we can take small steps and do better things for our planet. To see what small habits you can change to give back to the earth. 

How to Give Back to the People

  • Ask your friend out for a coffee - As we said earlier, be there for your friend who is struggling, invite them for a coffee and talk about how they are doing. Or just do small things that mean a lot for someone who is struggling, send them a heart or let them know that you are there for them. These small messages can truly mean the world. 
  • Follow the restrictions - We live in a crazy world right now, that we are all tired of. But it is important to follow the restrictions and by doing this we show that we care for one another. See it as a way to give back not only for yourself, for others as well for the world. 

How to Give Back to Yourself 

  • Give yourself a break - It can be so tiring living in this crazy world, filled with many low energies and fear. So give back to yourself by giving yourself a break - whatever that means to you. If that is to sit in an hour of meditation or spend the day in pajamas watching Netflix all day. Forget what is happening in the outside world for a second and just focus on yourself. We all need a little bit of rest right now. 

We will dig much deeper into the topic of giving back this month and please share with us - how are you giving back? We have exciting things coming up this month for all of you like our Black Friday guide to conscious consumption, so make sure to stick around! 

much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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