New Moon: It's time to get your home yoga practice on!

New Moon: It's time to get your home yoga practice on!

Oh, wow. The first month of autumn has just passed! That means it’s New Moon once again and this month, it’s in Libra! This could give you a strong need for harmony and balance in your life, and New Moon is in fact the perfect time to make this come to fruition.

While we tend to focus on Full Moon and its power, New Moon is just as powerful! Both represent the most defining phases of the lunar cycle. The New Moon symbolizes birth. It gives you that second chance to start all over every single month. The magic of it leads us to rewind, reflect on the past month, and set new intentions that help us reach our goals and make our best selves even better. Rituals that support new beginnings and ‘moving on’ are the most forceful during this time of the month.

So, with the New Moon representing new beginnings, we at Moonchild have something fresh and exciting to announce! Starting this New Moon, we are collaborating with YogaStream! We are really excited about this collaboration. YogaStream is a beautiful online yoga universe with hundreds of high quality yoga- and meditation videos giving you the possibility to find balance with yoga at home.

Find balance with yoga at home

YogaStream is truly excellent for the “out and about” type of yogis and yoginis, who like to do a quick class between running errands. Or who enjoy the privacy of having a class at home with a professional teacher. 

At you find a wide range (900!!) of yoga and meditation videos when and where, you need your yogafix. And it allows you to tailor your yoga session to fit your needs.

Doing yoga from home with talented teachers can last anywhere between 5 minutes to 1,5 hour. Moreover, the different types of yoga styles offered is huge.. If you are feeling a bit slow, you can go for yin or a relaxing vinyasa flow and don’t be fooled – a proper sweaty session on the mat isn’t missing either! YogaStream has all the different levels, themes and focus areas to fit your needs. You could take classes for pregnancy and there are even fun and educating videos for kids!

YogaStream could be one of the new ways you will find balance in your daily life, starting this New Moon. So grab your journal, write down what you are feeling and manifest this month’s intentions with a yoga class from YogaStream!

Even though most of the classes are taught in Danish, our dear international readers have no need to worry because YogaStream still offers a bunch of yoga videos in English as well! 

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  • Norayogini

    This is so interesting! I really am electrified by the new moon happening tonight, and congratulations on your new collaboration!

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