New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries
Tomorrow marks the New Moon in Aries. Approaching the end of a moon cycle you may be feeling drained from energy, lacking a sense of motivation and looking for it where ever you can. With the New Moon just around the corner you can be looking forward to a natural and powerful restoration of this energy that you are craving so deeply. Use this to your advantage!
Astronomically speaking, the New Moon is the first lunar phase. Specifically speaking, it is when the Moon and the sun are in almost perfect alignment – this marks the moment that the New Moon appears. A New Moon always sparks something inside of us. It’s the opportunity for a new beginning. A new beginning for each of us individually, where we have the opportunity to harness the power of a New Moon. This is the time to take charge and maybe even take a leap of faith into something you’ve been holding back on doing. Whether you’ve been holding back due to fear, timing or self-doubt – take the chance that the New Moon presents you.
For this New Moon, allow yourself the time and peace of looking within. As we approach this fresh start, allow yourself the opportunity to understand how you are feeling, both emotionally and physically. Even if you can’t understand these feelings, allow yourself to reflect on these feelings. It is one of the most powerful practices we can do for our mind, body and soul. As the sun and the moon align, allow yourself to feel this alignment within yourself.
Much love and light to you during this New Moon in Aries.

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