New Moon Compassion Ritual

New Moon Compassion Ritual

Just like life, the moon goes through different phases. We are getting closer to the new moon phase which we enter on the 16 of October. The new moon is a time to reflect and to set intentions for the future. This new moon is in Libra, which is known for its peace and harmony, but unfortunately, this is not a new moon that focuses on any of such. Since just a couple of days before the new moon in libra takes place, Mercury retrograde starts. This can have a huge impact on our well-being and can cause some chaos in our life as Mercury retrograde is known for messing with our energy and giving us some bad vibrations.

What You Need to Focus on in this New Moon

This makes this period a very important time for us to embrace the balance and peace in our lives to survive this astrological happening. Instead of acting upon our frustration and emotions during this time of astrological happenings. When this frustration and negative energy hits us, it is important to take a step back, take a deep breath, and see what you need to connect with more peaceful energy. Make sure that you make sure that peace is the main priority in this period!

In this astrological happening compassion will be more important than ever. Not just to have compassion for ourselves - to respect ourselves and truly give ourselves the peace we need at this time. Meet yourself with compassion and kindness and take a step back and give yourself breaks and time for rest whenever it is needed. But it is also important to have compassion for each other in these times as it is a time that can be filled with more frustration and negative energy - so make sure that you meet other people with compassion and kindness, smile to people you see on the street. Great people with compassion, not just in this time but ALWAYS!

Why You Should do a New Moon Ritual

Creating a New Moon ritual and living by the moon phases can truly be life-changing. When we take the time to take a step back and take our time doing a ritual we allow ourselves to step out of the hamster wheel that we are constantly in and reflect over our life. We allow ourselves to see what we are blessed with in our life and see what changes we can make to allow us to live closer to our purpose and authentic self. A new moon ritual comes as a reminder every month, to take a step back and reflect on how far you have come and where you are going.

New Moon Ritual in Libra for Compassion

- Having compassion means to be true to yourself and your emotions. That is why it is important to start by tuning into your emotional state of mind. Take a few minutes to check in with yourself "how am I truly feeling?" Connect with your body and see where is my emotions sitting in my body? Let yourself know that it is okay to feel however you are feeling right now, it is safe to feel.

- Now take your time to journal or to speak out loud - whatever way you like to express yourself. No matter how you like to express yourself take your time to reflect on your life "what is going well in my life right now?" and "What do I want more of in my life?" "How can I have more compassion forwards myself and others?"

- Now it is time for us to create our compassion wish bag. A wish bag is a highly vibrating little bag that you charge with compassion, high vibration, and your affirmation for the upcoming month. The bag is a reminder of what you would like to manifest in your life.

1. Start by gathering crystals, essential oils, herbs, and things from the nature of your choice to put into your wish bag. Make sure that you clean the energy by using sage to get a high vibrating wish bag.

2. Set your intentions - Now it is time to set our intention for what we want to manifest through this wish bag. A good idea can be to reflect on what you wrote during your journaling session earlier. Take a paper and be creative, draw and write your intention down and drop a couple of essential oils of your choice on the paper.

3. Now it is time for us to program the wish bag. Make sure to have calming music in the background or any music that makes your vibrations go higher. Take some deep breaths and start to visualize your manifestation - as it already has come true. Then take your crystals, herbs, and things you gathered from nature and put it all inside your wish bag. Hold the bag in your hands and place the bag to your heart and let the energy of the bag fill your body. Close the ritual by thanking the universe for this little ritual and all the blessings in your life.

Living by the moon phases is an incredible thing that has made us not only feel more connected to the moon and the universe but most importantly. It has made us feel more connected to ourselves. It has made us stay more true to ourselves as we continue to stay aligned and connected to ourselves and let go of the things that no longer serve us. We hope that you take this time to reconnect with yourself and remember - we have an astrological happening going on that will create frustration and chaos in your life. So remember to stay balanced and protect your energy through more compassion towards yourself and others.

Much love,

Team Moonchild

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