Moonchild Yoga Wear is coming to Australia

Moonchild Yoga Wear is coming to Australia
We are so excited to announce that Moonchild Yoga Wear and Yogi Spirit Australia have teamed up. The new collection will be launched on 8th August 2016 at
We had the chance to talk to Amanda Wiart, Founder and Owner of Yogi Spirit. Amanda is living in Sydney, near the beach. She loves to surf, and find this to be a moment of pure escape and freedom. She also loves camping and touring in her camper van when not shipping out amazing leggings to the Australian yoga lovers.
Amanda, Where did the idea for Yogi Spirit come from and why that name?
I love yoga and I love fashion. There are so many wonderful yoga wear designers creating amazing garments and I wanted to make them easily accessible in one store. I also wanted to reflect the idea that yoga is a lifestyle and that can influence what you wear and how you live your day. The name Yogi Spirit came about because I wanted yoga practitioners to feel that this was a store especially for them; the word spirit comes from the latin word to inspire and I wanted people to feel inspired about their yoga journey. I wanted to provide inspirational products. 
Please tell us the most important things about Yogi Spirit?
I look for products that reflect the values of Yogi Spirit, products that are beautiful, eco-aware, authentic and innovative. Products that are beautiful and eco conscious,  good for the soul and good the environment. I feature yoga wear that travels easily from the yoga studio to the street.  I am also aware that women of every age are so hard on themselves and I want to inspire a different mindset, one of self care and self love. 
How has yoga entered your life?
Now yoga is completely a part of the day for me. I wake early before my sons practice mediation and yoga. I am very flexible with the time, sometimes it is a quick 20 minute practice sometimes it is 1.5 hours, I think it is important to keep the practice regular even if sometimes it just means catching a few minutes on the mat. I listen to my body and either a soft yin class or a yang vinyasa class. These rituals make such a big difference to my day. I think the practice of yoga really becomes important when there are difficult times in your life, as there will always be. I did a yoga teacher training in Massachusetts 7 years ago while we were living in Bermuda and It has had amazing influence on my life.
What do you love about what you do?
I love meeting yogis at yoga festivals and finding out about them, I love the buzz of these festivals and the connection you can create. I love spending time looking for beautiful yoga products and thinking about whether my customers will fall in love with them. And how they fit in with the philosophy of the store. And I love the community on social media. 

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