Moonchild Yoga Wear arrives in Paris

Moonchild Yoga Wear arrives in Paris

We are so excited to announce that Moonchild Yoga Wear is now available in store and online in France at Yoga Concept Paris.

We had a chance to talk to Pamela Levy who is the owner and founder of Yoga Concept Paris.

Pamela could you give our readers a short introduction to you and what you love to do, any favorite workout, family etc? 

I grew up in New York and my passion has always been dance. I started with ballet and switched to jazz at 12. Over time I went through the gym phase with aerobics and step, tried pilates and studied a bit of  flamenco and salsa. At 40 I started practicing yoga. My back and hip hurt from sitting at a desk all day and I felt very disconnected from my body. At first I went to yoga once a week, then twice, then three times then switched to a daily mysore practice. I went to early morning mysore 5 days a week for 5 years. Yoga became a part of my daily life. 

I met my husband nearly 30 years ago and my boys are now 20 and 22. My husband is French. We lived in Paris for 15 years and have been living in London for two years now.

How did you get the idea to open Yoga Concept?

I was a lawyer and hating it. I wanted to start my own business. I was going back to NY several times a year to visit family and I noticed a big change in the selection of active wear. There was nothing comparable in France. At first I thought about starting my own brand, but since I am not a stylist and there were no points of sale, I decided to import the california brands and curate a multi brand "best of" collection. 

What does a normal day look like for you?

I now get up at 7am not 6am. If I want to do a mysore practice I do it at home by myself. Otherwise I am at the yoga studio by 9;30 5 mornings a week. I do a mix of Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Kundalini. Sometimes I need some yin and sometimes I attend a meditation class. I am not nearly up to a daily meditation practice.

After yoga is work time. I work from home and I am often on skype with my employees at the shop in Paris. I no longer sell at the shop, but I do EVERYTHING else myself. All the administrative, ordering, internet product sheets, newsletter, social media, events, press, product development and collaboration and whatever else comes up. It is truly a full time job. 

I go to Paris every month and spend as much time as possible the shop as possible to exchange with my clients. It is essential to stay connected with what yogis are looking for and to have their feedback on what I have selected and what they would like to find at the shop. I also run around to yoga studios to practice, see friends and check out new studios.

What fashion trends are you seeing within the yoga and activewear space? 

Prints have been trending for quite some time, Mesh detail has become quite popular. We are now seeing a bit more graphic. The high waist is making a big come back as is white. This fall we are going to see a lot of navy. Just like everyone has their go to black dress, nothing beets a great black legging as a Yoga wardrobe basic.

Women are really integrating their fashion leggings into their streetwear I don't think leggings are necessarily a better street look than jeans, but they are certainly as popular.

How did you hear about Moonchild Yoga Wear?

I first met you at the OM Yoga Show in London a few years back. It has taken me a while to work you into our other collections, but I am sure your brand will be very well received in Paris!



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