Moonchild Yoga Gathering Copenhagen Recap

Moonchild Yoga Gathering Copenhagen Recap
This past Sunday we hosted our second Moonchild Yoga Gathering, at the National Museum in Copenhagen. It was an incredible morning filled with yoga, smiles, laughter and lots of hygge! 
The day started with all the yogis arriving at the beautiful National Museum and each finding a mat that they were going to practice on for the next few hours. Just as we were about to begin, a beautiful ray of sunshine came through the museum windows and lit the room beautifully. It truly set the scene for a beautiful day filled with incredible yogis. 
We started the morning by waking up gently with Strala Energize, guided by the lovely Christine Bonde. Christine guided the yogis through a beautiful practice, to embrace all the movements of our bodies and challenged us to move freely. It's important to embrace variation and get out of our comfort zone when it comes to movement. It was a glorious way to start a sunshine filled Sunday. 
After our first savasana of the day, we took a short break to enjoy some delicious juice shots and bars, while we enjoyed each others company. There is something incredible cozy about sitting on your mat and chatting to your neighbour, whether you know them or just met. 
Once there was no juice left and bars had been eaten, it was time to move our bodies again. This time in a slightly different manner. The second yoga class was a Vinyasa Flow taught by the incredible Nina Jarnum - otherwise known by us as the Core Queen. The Vinyasa class got our blood pumping, our palms sweaty and our core activated. 
Before we knew it, we were in our second savasana for the day and the event was slowly coming to an end. After some final words from our founder Louise, all the yogis slowly started rolling up their new Moonchild yoga mats. All that was left was lots of smiles and hugs goodbye. 
We are still living on cloud nine after the event and are so overwhelmed with gratitude for all the continued support we receive from each and every one of you. Whether that be at our events or sharing and allowing us to be a part of your yoga journey with us on Instagram.
Thank you from the depths of our hearts for allowing us to do what we love everyday and bring you events like the Moonchild Yoga Gatherings. 
We cannot wait for the next one! ;) 


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