Mindfullness Quotes

Mindfullness Quotes
Mindfulness. Not only has it been around for hundreds of years but in the past couple of years it has become a booming trend. We are now trying to focus more on ourselves and remember the importance of being mindfull. 
It's not always easy and it does require a lot of work within ourselves. In order to be mindfull we need to look from within and reflect upon our lives, our bodies and our mind.
Mindfulness is defined by Merriam Websters dictionary as:
1. the quality or state of being mindful 
2. the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis
You can practice mindfulness in a lot of different ways, whether it be yoga, meditation or perhaps journaling.  The most important element is listening to your mind and body, while reflecting upon what you are feeling and thinking. 
Some ways to practice mindfulness are:
going for a walk
focus on your breathing 
allow your mind to wander
and you can also practice mindfulness during activities such as drawing or eating.
It's all about listening to you, your needs and a great place to start is by focusing on your breath. 
Below we are sharing a handfull of our favorite mindfulness quotes. Take the time to reflect upon what you read and gain from each quote. Reading mindfulness quotes can be very inspirational and allow you to narrow your mindfulness focus for the day - if this is something you feel you need. If not, just embrace the quiet and allow your mind and breath to take your where you need to go.



We hope that this inspires you to try mindfulness and potentially build a mindfulness practice that works for you in your daily life. 

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