Meet our new Sisters! - Women for Women International Update

Meet our new Sisters!  - Women for Women International Update

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It does not come as a surprise for you that empowering women is something that lays true in our hearts. It is something we keep in mind every step of the way from the designing process of the yoga wear, to how you feel on the mat when you wear them, but also through the actions in our everyday lives. Since the start, it has been in the core of Moonchild to support women. This is also done by supporting Women for Women International to give back and empower women in need. 

In 2019 we sponsored two sisters from the Democratic Republic of the Congo named Francine and Mwavita through Women for Women Internationals "Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Programme". Where we were so happy announce that the two sisters have graduated.

Photo: Ryan Carter 

Have you missed our previous work with Women for Women International? 

Make sure to read our previous articles on our sponsorship! You can read our first article on Women for Women International from 2018 here. Read more about what Women for Women International is and our sponsorship here. Read the update where we announced that our two sisters graduated here 

As empowering women is Moonchilds biggest value, in 2020 we increased our sponsorship by sponsoring eight sisters. We are happy to finally be able to introduce the eight new sisters that we are sponsoring through the "Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Programme". Their names are Kandanda, Bulangalire, Amina, Busime, Sifa, Nshobole, Nankafu, Nabintu and they are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Photo: Ryan Carter

What does the Sponsorship mean? 

All eight sisters have been now enrolled in the program with Women for Women International which means that they will be attending classes with their group every week and are thereby able to build true friendships with other women like them! This means that they can form a tight support group that helps break the isolation caused by war.

Furthermore, the sisters will be thought practical knowledge about her health, including reproductive health, stress management, and the importance of good hygiene and nutrition so she can protect herself and her family from preventable diseases.

The sisters learn about their rights on key issues like voting, access to land, divorce, custody of her children, and domestic abuse. Once they learn their rights they are empowered and equipped to stand up for themselves and can share their knowledge with others in their community.

The sisters also learn marketable job skills such as tailoring, bread-making, or poultry-keeping, as well as business training to turn their chosen skill into a stable income so they can support themselves and their families.

We are so happy and excited to have all the eight sisters enrolled in the Women for Women International program and our sponsorship!

Sending you love & light
Team Moonchild

Want to know more about Women for Women International? Check them out here!

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