Magasin x ELLEfit Yoga Event with Moonchild Yoga Wear

Magasin x ELLEfit Yoga Event with Moonchild Yoga Wear

One of Denmark’s largest department stores, Magasin, are currently hosting a beautiful yoga event in collaboration with ELLEfit. Every Tuesday for the next couple of months, at Magasin du Nord, Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen, everyone can enjoy a wonderful evening of yoga and a little extra hygge.

The talented yoga instructors from Yo Studios lead all of the 30 attendees in all sorts of yoga practices, changing the theme each week. A beautiful mix of yoga consisting of Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha and other wonderful options. It is such a wonderful event and each evening is filled with good vibes and happy yogis. The events are open to both experienced yogis and for someone looking to try out yoga for the very first time.

The evening starts out by being greeted by the smiling faces of the women from ELLE, Magasin and Yo Studios, welcoming you to an evening of peace and calm. There are small snack bars to be enjoyed and bottled water to keep you hydrated. Before the yoga begins, everyone is welcome to chat with friends or fellow yogi’s or browse through the healthy living products on display. Then when the yoga begins, that perfect sense of calm just comes over everyone in the room. It’s one of those magical things about yoga. Each attendee flows at their own pace, in their own space and just enjoys the freedom of movement and breathe. Just as the evening began, it also ends with smiling faces, but now it’s not just the hosts but also all of the attendees. Feeling rejuvenated and happy after giving themselves a little bit of self-care love.

What is even more magical about this event is that you will be practicing on Moonchild yoga mats for the events. We are so proud of being able to provide yoga mats to these events and we are even more proud that people are truly loving them! Seeing this beautiful room filled up with OUR new yoga mats, still gives us butterflies.

Following these lovely events, Magasin will be launching its own yoga-concept at their stores in Kgs. Nytorv Copenhagen, Lyngby and Aarhus followed by Aalborg at its grand opening later this year. We are excited to share that Moonchild Yoga Wear will be one of the exclusive brands that will be available to shop in Magasin stores and online too!

You can attend and join the yoga events by signing-up to a spot on ELLEfit’s Facebook page.


Love and light

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