Join Our Free Yoga Classes Online Now!

Join Our Free Yoga Classes Online Now!

We know that things can be a lot these days and that things can be tough. Many of us are working from home in these times which can make it hard to keep the motivation going. This month is all about giving back - and we would like to give back to our wonderful community. That is why we together with our wonderful Ambassador Eva Paasch has created a FREE yoga series for all of you. 

What is the Neck and Shoulder Series?

This series focuses on neck and shoulders and is therefore perfect for those of you who are working from home these days, to take a break from sitting working all day.

It was very important for us, when creating this new series to make it very manageable and therefore have kept them very short, around five minutes each to make sure that you will be able to get these yoga classes done. No matter if you feel like doing them in the morning or on your lunch break - they are perfect for everyone.


Where do I Find the Neck and Shoulder Series?: The neck and shoulder series is exclusively launched in MY Community. This means that for you to join these practices you need to become a member of the MY Community for free if you have not already. Join MY Community here!

How Long is the Series?: This series consists of five parts, and all are around five-minute practices.

Can I Join for Free?: YES! We want to make this available for everyone in our community - so just sign up to MY Community and practice for free. 

When Does the Series Launch? The first part is launched today, so head over to My community and start practicing! Check out the schedule above to see when the different parts are being launched! 

When and Where can I Practice?: You can practice anywhere and at any time. You just need your phone or computer and you will be ready to go! 

We are looking forward to practicing with you at My Community! 

much love, 

Team Moonchild

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