Interview with the Danish visual artist Ruth Crone Foster

Interview with the Danish visual artist Ruth Crone Foster

The creative Danish visual artist Ruth Crone Foster works with collages and graphic design and she has an incredible portfolio working with brands like Lego, Newline, and Red bull. We meet Ruth and got to hear about her remarkable story of how she pursued her dream and have been working as a freelancer for 16 years. It was a truly inspiring conversation so make sure to check out Ruth's channels as her website here, and Instagram here

Have you always been a very creative person? 

Yes, I think I have always been a creative person in some type of way, but not like I am now. I have never been the girl who always used sit and draw all the time like many other creative children. I think my creativity started to take off when I first started my own business and started to freelance, that is when I really got to show my creativity as well as discover my skills. But it was not until at that point that I also got to test and break my limits which when you do, it makes you be able to explore your creativity in a different way and really see what you can do with your creativity. 

What is creativity to you? 

Creativity is everything. It is my entire being, it is in everything I do. It is what I think and what I do. It is everything from my work to a simple thing like making dinner and trying out a new recipe. 

What is your best advice for someone who wants to become more creative? 

I think the most important thing I can advise someone to do is to minimize the fear of being wrong or doing it the wrong way. Focus on the journey and the entire creative process instead of the actual result, because when we become too focused on the result and the aim of a project it is easy to become swept away with pressure and fear. I think it is the biggest mistake many people do, that they have an idea of what it is supposed to look like, or where they gonna put it, but then we start to become too focused on the actual outcome and forget about that it is the process that matters. So just focus on the journey and do it because it is fun, do not do it with a specific idea of what the result should be like, and just be open-minded along the way.

On my personal creative journey, I like to let my intuition guide me during my processes and just be in the present moment. I see my intuition as my help and guidance along the way. When it is right, I usually feel very calm and become in a very peaceful state of mind, so when I achieve that, I know that I am on the right path. So try to let your intuition guide you on your journey. I do believe that creativity is a practice and that we all can be creative. Just keep on practicing. It is just like a relationship that you need to keep practicing and give time and effort.  

With a fashion degree in her back, Ruth decided to pursue her dream of becoming a freelancer when she finished her degree. She describes that it is a big risk being a freelancer and that you always need to ensure that the money will come in. But after doing this for 16 years, she describes it as if she has a pact with the universe. Whenever she do not align with her true self, are too far off, the jobs do not come in and then usually takes a step back and realign with herself and her creativity. 

What is your best advice for someone who wants to pursue a career in a creative field?

My best advice would be to have a group of supporters around you. Find a women circle of supporting women that can remind you of how powerful you are when you are in doubt. I have a healer that is also kind of like a mentor to me - who reminds me of how powerful I am whenever I need to hear it or start to doubt myself. So make sure that you have supportive people around you, because they will make the journey much easier. Remember to sound yourself with likeminded people, if you want to be a lion, you must train with lions and not surround yourself with mice. 

What do you see as your biggest challenge in your career so far?

My biggest challenge would be to trust in myself, believe in myself and my creativity. But that is something I have had to learn through out the years. But also, to protect my own energy as I am an empath which is both my biggest strength and weakness. This is why my healer also have helped me a lot and given me exercises to learn how to deal with protecting my energy. It is a journey and a process that me as an empath need to learn and get better at and to be honest I never think I will ever be done learning. 


Being a freelancer, Ruth always have to find new projects to work with but she has built a trust with the universe and in some type of way the universe always has her back and keeps her finding new projects as well as her social media presence. 

When Ruth once had a concussion which made her unable to work with her computer, which as a graphic designer most of her work is done on her computer. It forced her to explore to create more by her hand which was a skill she wanted to learn a deepen more in the past but never seemed to get the time to do. But with this concussion, Ruth was able to explore these skills which she do not see as a bad thing. She sees it as that everything happened for a reason and that the universe had her back in all of this. The universe has your back. 

It has been a truly inspiring talk with Ruth that reminds us to believe in the universe and our power and to remember that we are always guided by our intuition. Never let your worries or fear stop you from pursuing the career you dream off and just like Ruth say creativity is a practice just like a relationship. Something you need to take care of. So let your creativity shine. 

much love, 

Team Moonchild. 

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