Interview with Emily Salomon

Interview with Emily Salomon

This week, we have the pleasure of sharing a lovely interview with the sweet Emily Salomon. Emily is a Copenhagen based blogger sharing everything she loves and finds inspiring. If she has to classify it, then she runs a "lifestyle and fashion + food blog, spiced with a pinch of traveling". The main focus for her is to share what is on her mind and not worry too much about the categorisation of it all. You'll find everything from recommendations of books and movies, decorating, recipes and loads more lifestyle focus posts on

Emily took the time to answer a couple of questions for The Moonchild Journal about yoga, lifestyle and her aspirations. Enjoy! 

What does yoga mean to you?

It is a chance to connect with my body, mind and especially my breath. I think that a lot of people has the idea that yoga is difficult and all fancy poses that require special skills and many years of practice, but as long as you can breath you can do (and enjoy) yoga.

What does an ideal day-off look like for you?

It's actually rather chill. Waking up and then lying in bed meditating or reading for half an hour before going for a run, a swim og to a yoga class. Afterwards I'd like to have breakfast at my fave neighborhood cafe with my husband. Maybe we'll go to an exhibition or just read the paper and some books at home. And then have a nice supper with friends. And definitely lots of play, fun and belly rubs with my doggy bff Penny. 

What is your biggest dream, and is it obtainable and how? 

This might sound lame, but I strive to be happy, kind and present. That is definitely obtainable though neither is a constant and I have to work on each on a daily basis. But it is a great way to tune in on what you really want. I often ask myself, does this spark joy? Is this or that a kind choice towards myself and others? Is this making me more or less present?

Is there somewhere in the world you would like to travel to, or a spot you would like to see?

 I'd love to go to the midwest of Norway in a camper van and hike the mountains and explore for the summer. Sometimes you forget the magical places that are just within reach and only think of far away and exotic places.


Have a beautiful day! 

You can follow Emily Salomon on her blog, or on her Instagram @emilysalomon

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