Interview with Anastasia Shevchenko

Interview with Anastasia Shevchenko

We had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Anastasia Shevchenko. Anastasia is not only a certified yoga teacher with quite a story, she is also the founder of the Berlin Yoga Conference. Anastasia has set out to give back to the yoga community and we are loving it. 

Read the fascinating interview below and check out more information about the Berlin Yoga Conference and the amazing events leading up to this, by following the link below.

Berlin Yoga Conference


Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background etc?

I started practicing yoga when I was 15 years old after being diagnosed with a scoliosis. When I was 19, I had a snowboarding accident and was left with a broken and a paralyzed arm. In both cases, yoga has helped me to heal and this self-healing aspect of yoga became very much a topic for me on my yoga journey. After I did my first YTT and embraced yoga full-on, I moved into the transformation phase of the path. There were many changes in my attitudes, understandings, values, and self-knowledge.

Now, I would say I moved into the third phase of the yogic/hero’s journey: the giving back. My way to give back to the community is through the creation of this healing and transformational yoga space at the Berlin Yoga Conference, that is due in May 24-26 2019.


How was you first experience with yoga?

I first experienced yoga asanas through a book by a Russian yoga guru. I got inspired by esoteric literature in my dad’s library, the philosophy behind yoga. Also, I started meditating right away. I guess ever since my childhood I was very connected to the spiritual/metaphysical side of life.


Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind Berlin Yoga Conference?

I got the idea for the Berlin Yoga Conference after becoming pregnant with my second child. I was about to turn 30 and I reached a point where I wanted to share with others my story and my understandings of yoga.


How far are you are in the process?

I’ve been working on the Berlin Yoga Conference since August 2017 and in May 2018 we had a first Pop Up#1 event that was meant to provide a little taste for the conference by bringing some of the engaged for the project teachers, starting to build on the community and the professional network around the project, and doing some kind of testing/experimenting of what it takes to create a very spacial event, that many people would enjoy and benefit from. Our next Pop Up#2 is coming up on August 18 and it is going to be even more amazing then the first one!


What makes this conference different from others?

Many things: 1. It is not a festival, not a trade show, and not a series of workshops. It is a transformational space for creating more awareness, learning, and connecting. 2. It is not Bhakti (Devotion) in nature, I am myself more of a Jnana (Knowledge) Yogi. The content is top quality and is strongly focused on modern philosophy and scientific research. 3. There is a very different cultural program: instead of Kirtan we have a lot of Original Contemporary Classical Music and some theatrical/dance performance.


What inspired you to create this yoga conference?

Among other things: my daughter Anabel, with whom I was pregnant at the time of coming up with the idea behind the project. She is a little Buddha and absolutely amazing: so joyful, friendly, and peaceful. I think in our lineage it is a daughter that is the mother’s teacher. I’m sure that’s the case with us :-)


What is something everyone can look forward to at the yoga conference?

It is my understanding that every person is unique and will connect to the project on a different level. The Berlin Yoga Conference is consciously planned this way: it is made to welcome people from many different walks of life and backgrounds, levels, and places around the world. My job is to create this healing and transformational space in accordance with my truth and understandings, then to connect to the people who share this vision and “resonate” with the project. Together, we are creating this fantastic opportunity for many people to join us for a weekend of yoga, where everyone will experience what each individual needs to experience.


What do you hope to accomplish by bringing people together?

I hope to bring people together for more awareness, healing, empowerment, and joy in this world.


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