International Women´s Day!

International Women´s Day!

8 March, also known for International Women's Day that is celebrated every year. It is a day for us to honor the achievement of women through history, and for us to empower women across the world. It is a reminder for us to empower and support each other every single day of the year. 

This is a topic that is so close to our hearts, and for us, at Moonchild it is important to empower women and make a change all year round. As you know by now, we work with Women for Women International to empower women in need and try to make efforts to support women every day of the year. 

What is the colour of International Women's Day? 

Internationally the symbol and colour of International Women's day are purple. Historically the colour purple is symbolized for the effort to achieve gender equality. But also the colours white and green symbolize International Women's Day. 

What is the theme of International Womens day 2021? 

International Women's Day Campaign theme for 2021 is #ChoosetoChange. It indicated the importance of us as individuals to be a part of the change. That every single day, we make choices and are responsible for making a change, both through our thoughts and actions. We can every single one of us choose to change, we can all decide to do better, to honor and celebrate the women's achievements.

We believe that this is such an important theme. To understand that the actions we take at this moment, today can bring a better tomorrow. International Women's Day is not just a day celebrated today, but it is something we have with us every single day. It is the way we decide to stand up for each other every single day. The way we choose to inspire and empower our sisters rather than competing with each other and is how we every single day educate ourselves on the topic and celebrate women's achievement through history!

How can we celebrate International Women's day 2021? 

For us, this day is all about honoring women and educate ourselves more on the topic. There are so many ways you can do this, through podcasts, documentaries or even using your social media platforms. Whatever way you feel like honoring and empowering women today - do it!

We would also like to recommend you to join the Women for Women Internationals campaign #PowertoChange where they are calling on challenge makers to use their power to change the world. By joining together, we have the power to create a better world where every women's role, voice, and contribution are visible and valued.

Make sure to join their workshop on the 20th of March that is an all-day online festival that is designed to restore mind, body, and spirit. Find all the information on the works here and read more about Women for Women International here!

Let us support each other, let us unite and take a stand. Not just today, but every single day. 

Happy Women's Day! 

Love & Light, 

Team Moonchild 



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