Immune Boosting Ginger Shots

Immune Boosting Ginger Shots

There is something incredibly cozy about the winter months. It calls for snuggling up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a good book. While this is lovely, it is also the time of year where we have a tendency to catch a cold or at least get the sniffles. In comparison to the warmer months of the year, our bodies need a little extra love during the darker months. Which is why we are sharing a delicious new recipe with you today! 

Ginger is a powerful root that has extensive healing and immune boosting properties. Ginger is great for all sorts of things such as nausea, muscle pain, digestion and much more. Specifically, when it comes to fighting off colds and giving your body a boost, it is the anti-inflammatory properties that are the most powerful! 

Do a little something for your body this week and make these ginger shots and give yourself a little extra boost each morning. Give it a try and see what it does for your body! Especially if you feel a cold coming on, have an achy throat or just feel a little under the weather and need a little extra love and energy! 


Juice of 2 lemons 

Big handful of ginger 

3 cups water

Do it

1. Start boiling the three cups of water

2. Peal the ginger and chop/slice it up into thin pieces

3. Put the ginger into the boiling water

4. While the water boils, start juicing the lemons

5. After the ginger has been boiling for about 5 minutes pour it into the bowl with the lemon juice and let it cool

6. Once it's cool, seep to separate the ginger and your Ginger Shots are ready. You can store your "juice" in a sealed bottle and keep in the fridge. 

Can be stored in an air-tight bottle in the fridage for about a week. 


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