Empowering women 365 days a year

Empowering women 365 days a year

Strong, powerful, unique, amazing and beautiful are just a couple of things you are. Today is our day! The international women's day. So happy international women's day to all of us women around the world. 

How amazing isn´t that there is a special day where everyone around the world thinks a little bit extra about women's rights? We think it is incredible and such an important and needed thing. 

Although it is important to remember that even if this is a special day, this is something that should happen every day. We should ALWAYS EMPOWER WOMEN, we should always empower each other. Women should support other women every single day, all year round. 

We on Moonchild are so passionate about empowering women and are focused on this all year around. Not only by empowering each other within the Moonchild team, but also empowering you who makes up the moonchild community. Because Moonchild would truly be nothing without all you beautiful women how supports Moonchild, the once that follows us engages with us and are a part of Moonchild. We are blessed to have you here and we would not be able to do this without your love and support! 

It is so important to support other women, to stand up for one another and especially the once who cannot stand up for themselves. Since this is such a big passion for us, we work together with Women for Women international and have done since 2018, because it is such a passion and our heart and soul we are proud to work together with such an important organization. Each year Moonchild supports women through a 12-months training program to help them start their own business and take care of themselves and their families for the future.

We on Moonchild will continue to work with Women for Women in order for us to support women and help them and their families. 

We will continue to support you and the entire Moonchild community and hope to be able to build even stronger and more personal relationships with you. 

One of the new exciting steps we have taken to empower women, is to create a space to learn, engage and share experiences. Join the MY Community today!

Happy international women's day! 

Keep supporting each other and keep spreading your light, 

Team Moonchild

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