How to Set Goals for Fall - Manifesting your Dream Life!

How to Set Goals for Fall - Manifesting your Dream Life!

For many people New Years is the time for new beginnings, but for me, the Fall has always been the new beginning and fresh start of the year. Going back from the Summer holidays, getting back into the routine when you have had the entire Summer to reflect over your life. 

This is therefore the ultimate time to take a look at your life, reflect what you like and do not like and set up goals for the rest of the year. We want to therefore encourage you to grab your pen and journal and take a couple of hours of this day to reflect on our life. The truth is that we cannot move forward if we are not sure in which direction we are going. 

So grab your journal, make a cup of tea and light some candle and get ready to make the most of the rest of this year! 

Step 1. Look over your current parts of your life. 

Start with dividing your life into different sections and topics. It is totally up to you what you choose to divide it into but maybe you can get some inspiration from mine: Health, work, social, relationship and other. 

Now you want to analyze and reflect over these parts, what does it look like and how happy are you with the current situation? To make this really clear it can be a good idea to review it with point of through a scale. I did a scale of 1-10 on how happy I am with all the different parts of my life. Then it becomes really clear on what parts you like and where you can develop and do better. 

Step 2. What can you change? 

You now have an overview of all of the parts of your life and what parts you want to develop. It is now time for you to figure out how you can do better in the specific parts of your life, what is missing? The best question to ask yourself is what will make me happy? Take all the individual parts of your life and analyse how you can be more happy is it to spend more time with your family or partner? Or maybe to develop the skill you always wanted?  

Step 3. Action plan

It is not enough to just think about your goals, you should also think about how you will reach it. Think about some specific steps you need to take in life to be able to reach your goals this Fall. How much do you need to save every month to be able to attend that yoga retreat you always wanted to attend? 

Step 4. Vision board

When it comes to manifesting your dream life, one thing many people often forget is to visualize it. It is hard to reach your goals if you cannot visualize it and know what they look like. It is time for you to get creative and start creating your vision board! There are no excuses because you can make it anywhere, on your computer, Pinterest or print out pictures and do a collage on paper or in your journal! We recommend you to do it by hand because it makes it more real and fun, but you can do it in whatever way you prefer. 

When you are done it is important to put is somewhere where you will see it and get reminded of it, a great thing is to have it as your background picture on your phone or computer. This way you will constantly be reminded of your dream life and in which direction you are going! 

Step 5. Meditation 

To get clear on your goals and to send out the right vibration to the universe, we recommend you to do a visualization meditation. Light some candles, bring your favorite crystals and either sit or lay down. Now you close your eyes and start visualizing this dream life that you are manifesting. See a day in your life where you already achieve all of these goals, what would it feel like? 

End the meditation with feeling grateful and send out a message to the universe that you are manifesting this. There is an example or you can just create your own little message: 

Thank you universe for always being on my side and for showing me the way. Thank you for making me grow and making me live a happy and healthy life. It is now time for me to keep reaching my dreams, to live my dream life. Thank you for being on my side. 

Take your time to get ready and get excited about this fall. There is a lot of magical things that will happen this fall, so be prepared and take care!

What are your goals for this Fall? And we would love to see your vision boards and creations, share it with us on Instagram and tag us, so we will see it! 

Much love, Team Moonchild

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    Wow! So beautiful message and information along with beautiful affirmations!!
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