How to move and heal on the inside

How to move and heal on the inside

As human beings, we are not meant to sit on our work desk all day in front of our computers. Moving our bodies is crucial for us to feel good and feeling healthy. We have been talking about different ways we can move our bodies through walks, running, and yoga during this past month. While moving our bodies in some type of way every day is important for our health. Healing, balance, and staying healthy is much more than the run you make every morning or the yoga practice you show up to. We do not just need to focus on our physical practice, but it is as important to focus on the inner layers of our practice: how we move on the inside. 

"Imagine a tree that is growing crooked. Imagine punishing and yelling at the damn tree for being so wrong, trying to cut the leaves and trim the branches, but the darn thing just keeps on growing crooked.

Until one day we look deeper, until one day we see that there is a big stone under the ground that is preventing the tree from growing straight. When we remove the stone, the roots have the space they need, and the tree can correct itself."

How can we start moving from the inside?

1. Finding your why - we all have a different reason for why we are showing up for practice every day. Why you are taking that morning run or taking that dance class. It is important to understand WHY we are doing something. For one it can be to relieve stress and/or anxiety while for another one it is to feel good and not get more energy. Find your why and reflect on why you are doing this to become more conscious and understanding of your practice

2. Find the root cause - Now that we understand why we are practicing and moving on the outside it is time to have a deeper look at it peeling it down layer by layer. If you for example are working out to relieve stress and/or anxiety you need to look deeper at the problem. What is the root cause of the problem? Your practice is a tool you use to feel less anxious, but what is the cause of your anxiety? What is it that you need to change and are unhappy within your life that causes your anxiety? If you work out as a way to feel less tired and to get more energy, what is the underlying root cause of the problem? Why do you feel like you need energy, what is it in your life that is currently draining you on energy? 

3. Create your tactics - Now that you can understand what the root cause of the problem is, it is time for you to start with healing your body and moving your body from the inside and out. Today you are using your practice, moving your body as a tool to relieve stress and anxiety - but what other things can you do to heal on the inside? Write down a minimum of 5 things you can do to feel better and to work with the root cause of the problem and WHY this specific thing can help you in your process. 

If you for an example have a stressful lifestyle these are 5 things you can do: 

- I am gonna exercise daily because exercise lowers your body’s stress hormones in the long run. It also helps release endorphins, which are chemicals that improve your mood and act as natural painkillers. 

- I am gonna start using my essential oils and aromatherapy (as Bergamot and Lavender) as studies show that aromatherapy can decrease anxiety and improve sleep. 

- I am gonna lower my coffee intake and limit it to one coffee a day as high doses can increase anxiety 

- I am gonna learn to say know as I am struggling with saying no even when my schedule is full

- I am gonna spend my weekends without working and spend it with friends and family that makes me feel good. 

Moving and fuelling your body from the inside is the secret to finding peace and balance in your life. It does not help by just working out, moving your body if you are not aware of the root of the actual problem. Exercising and moving your body is a great tool that you can use to deal with your struggles with its many benefit, but it is only a tool. Having an understanding of the root cause of the problem is crucial to be healthy not just on the outside, but inside and out. 

We hope that even though Move MY June is coming to an end, that you keep moving your bodies and keep reflecting on how you move your body, not just on the outside but that you peel down layer by layer and continue to move on the inside. 

much love, 

Team Moonchild

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